• Profile picture of Ritik Bansal
    Startup Funding Finder · Content Writer · Research Specialist · FinTech Researcher · Startup Scout
    I have been associated with the startup and funding ecosystem for the past 4+ years. I have helped dozens of startups find the right investors for ...
  • Profile picture of Joel Baynes
  • Profile picture of Julian Asher
    Strategy Consultant · Experienced Entrepreneur · Angel Investor (ex-VC) · Travel Photographer · Former Food & Wine Writer
  • @vkodhai
  • Profile picture of Veslemøy Klavenes-Berge
    Sustainability Consultant · Geoscientist · Podcaster · Writer · Public Speaker · Workshop Facilitator · Impact Career Mentor · B Leader
    With a background as a geophysicist working for the oil industry I did a 180 degree pivot in my career in 2016 and have since then focused ...
  • Profile picture of Tshilidzi Siphuma
    A Specialist Marketer
    With over 2+ years of experience and learnings in marketing I can assert that my skills would make a valuable contribution to a company or organization. ...
  • Profile picture of Kai-Erik Sunell
    Consultant · Inventor · Investor
    Standardization consultant with background from telecom companies and standards development organization (ETSI). Contributed to 3GPP standardization committees (since 2006) and international EU research projects (1995-97, 2004-2006). ...
  • @andrew-misuraca-faraldo
  • Profile picture of Will Brackwell
    Strategy Advisor
    Will has 5 years of programme and operations management as an Army Officer. He currently works at Oxwash, as Chief of Staff, and advises ...
  • @valentine
  • Profile picture of Wayne Hiley
    A Capital Raising Expert · A Leader Of Growth · Passionate About Business
    Ex banking leader across investment banking and corporate banking. Successfully grew revenue to over £300m p.a. Raised capital for clients across every sector, and ...
  • @brooke-steinberg
  • Profile picture of Stephanie Dotto
    Writer · Creative Thinker · Storyteller · Researcher · Bookworm
    I'm passionate about stories, no matter the format. Most of my professional experience is in content marketing, focusing specifically on SEO-optimised blogs and website copy. ...
  • Profile picture of Deepshikha Yadav
    Founder, World We Desire · Workshop Facilitator · Futures Facilitator · Aspiring Futurist · Entreprenuer
    I am an aspiring Futurist and the Founder of “World we Desire”(global) and Startup Jugalbandi (India based) communities. Having spent a number of years ...
  • Profile picture of Drake Gearheart
  • Profile picture of Rebecca Chuks
    A Copywriter · A Storyteller · A Screenwriter · An Essayist · A Mentor
    I've been a copywriter for 10 years, bringing brand stories to life, connecting with audiences and increasing conversion. After starting in-house, I've been freelance/contract for 7 ...
  • Profile picture of Fiona Chorlton-Voong
    A Founder · A COO · A Start-up Mentor · A Brand Strategist · A MBTI Coach · A Marketing Strategist
    Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of The Portfolio Collective. I'm a Commercial Strategist who is passionate in guiding professionals to find their WHY so ...
  • Profile picture of Ice White
    A Leader · An Advisor · A Bestselling Author · A Game Developer · A Mentor · A Startup Investor · A Stock Market Investor · A Xoogler
    My personality type is ENTJ, which makes me one of the 2% of great leaders and commanders.

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