• @chris-jim
  • Profile picture of Rebecca Beck
    Executive Coach
    By working together on a 1-1 basis I help clients overcome whatever obstacles are in the way of reaching their professional and personal goals. With ...
  • Profile picture of Tomas E
    Security Professional · Security Sourcing Agent · Security Advisor · Business Ethics Advisor · BCM Advisor · Intel Provider · Investigations · Financial Crime Advisor · Economic Crime Advisor
    As a security professional, I have worked in difficult and hostile environments since 1990 supporting corporations and their employees. With my experience, I have teamed up ...
  • Profile picture of Caroline Silver
    Consultant · Strategy · Operations · Business Development
    An entrepreneurial and creative Business Consultant with a background in Private Equity, Investment Banking and Property sectors. Evolve Business Consultancy - Strategy I ...
  • Profile picture of Toni Mitchell
    Change Enabler · COO · Programme Manager · Risk Lead · Mentor
    Toni is an accomplished Financial Services professionalnal leveraging over 20 years’ experience across the sector. Holding a broad spectrum of senior Director roles across the Corporate ...
  • Profile picture of Afonso Pereira
    Graphic Designer · Motion Graphics Designer · Shift Manager
    Creative and hard-working Graphic and Media Designer who is always committed to achieving positive results and exceeding expectations. I graduated with a BA in Graphic ...
  • Profile picture of Katrina Kaif
  • @annelise-lepage
    Designer · French Teacher
    Love helping people improve their skills, either website, and operational process.
  • Profile picture of Michael Walsh
    Financial Markets MD · Alternative Asset Manager · Consultant CEO · Investor Relations · INED
    I have spent more than 30 years in executive and non-executive roles in Banking, Asset Management, and FinTech across four jurisdictions (London, Paris, Dublin, and the ...
  • Profile picture of Andrew Wainstein
    Founder · Coach · Advisor
    Creative entrepreneur who introduced fantasy football into Europe in 1991, leading Fantasy League for three decades. Now working as a coach, advising businesses and building a ...
  • Profile picture of Susan Wambua
  • Profile picture of Mike Raine
  • Profile picture of Andrew Roth
  • Profile picture of Remy Edwards
    Founder · OTT Trailblazer · Digital Advertising Jedi · Blockchain Enthusiast
    My career spans over 13 years - managing relationships with premium brands, top tier advertising agencies, ad tech vendors and publishers. I have worked for Microsoft, ...
  • Profile picture of Nick Blake
  • Profile picture of Lizzie Bourne
    Creative Writer. · Performer. · Wedding Celebrant. · Confidence Enthusiast.
    Helping ordinary people express their extraordinary selves. Want to write out what's in your heart (be that your love for your company, your hobby or ...
  • @rachael-annabelle-yong
  • Profile picture of Claire Moss
    Project Coordinator · Leadership Director · Biomedical Scientist · Windsurfer
    Always looking for the next big adventure, I have spent the last 3 years travelling and working abroad. My love for learning has pushed me outside ...

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