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Nice article @nicola-twiston-davies. As a lover of board games this really resonates

You are a true entrepreneur Ed - great philosophy on career and life

Great article @lexi-radcliffe-harttpc and I think we have an awesome tribe here

This could almost be a module on the Catapult course - it is such an important concept

Nice job @stephaniedotto. I am surprised we haven't written this article earlier given how many people ask us the question. It really answers well 'Would I make a good portfolio professional?' for those who are still unsure.

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I help entrepreneurs reinvent themselves and society for the better. My career has included relieving the siege of Sarajevo in 1995, McKinsey strategy consultant, turning around Coca-Cola India and COO of Google Europe. In 2019 I started my portfolio career, then during lockdown 2020 I launched The Portfolio Collective, to help others succeed as portfolio professionals.


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