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  • Now I have a clear concept of my business’s Minimum Value Proposition (MVP) I need to connect with CEOs/Directors/HR/Heads of People to offer them my home office design service. Although HR and Heads of People are the goal I think that I may be more successful targeting CEOs/Directors who will then direct me to HR etc.

    I probably need around 2-3000 new contacts to have a realistic chance of securing new clients. These would be UK-based companies with 10+ staff who are working remotely.

    Can anyone advise the best cost-effective way of going about this?

    • So in previous lives when I’ve worked for corporates, I’ve had access to things like FAME/BvD where you could run down companies via a profile and then work out the contacts from there. But that can be a time/cost blackhole. As you have a clear idea of your audience, I would think that you can do some pragmatic reach-out in a non-sales manner via LinkedIn using a bot as an initial step for you to then continue the conversation from there. @ben-legg or @mike – could you provide some advice on this?

      • Hi Duncan,

        You could try licensing LinkedIn Sales Navigator plus Meet Alfred. The two combined will cost you around $110 per month. For that, you can:
        1) Do all sorts of detailed searches in Sales Navigator, then save those searches
        2) From Meet Alfred, import those lists from Sales Navigator then send connection requests
        3) For those that accept, create a separate subgroup and send a personalised message

        To avoid getting shut down by LinkedIn, there are volume caps. Typically max 50 connection requests per day and 200 messages per day. In a month or two you could probably achieve your goals.

        I hope that helps?



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20 years experience across the residential, retail and office construction sectors has given me a wealth of project experience in both type and scale. Now I am focussing on helping people adapt their home offices for a happy and productive experience in these challenging times. I love the sea and the hills but I am equally curious about what is affecting changing lifestyles, both urban and rural.


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