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  • Hi Everyone I am based at W12, SheperdBush area, thank you for the invitation Ella Bernie, and looking forward to connecting with people here. Just a quick introduction of me: I am an aspiring Customer Success professional with an extensive luxury retail managerial background who is trying to break in the Customer Success sector, then establish a portfolio working life:)

    What I could contribute: please reach out if you have any sales, retail ops, and customer service-related questions, or you would like to hear about my journey of a career change, or just would like to ventilate and talk to someone, and I am very happy to help!

    Many Thanks and I am looking forward to connecting here


    • Thanks for introducing yourself Fru 🙌

    • Nice intro Fru – what luxury retail background are you in? We have a lovely member called Izabela Wlodarska – who I think you would have a lot of synergy with! I am always happy to chat with anyone that has experience in the luxury retail market too!

      • Thank you Fiona, nice to meet you here too. The first time I met you, was on the speedy networking afternoon in March, which was really great. I worked for several super-brands like Burberry and Hermes in the last 14 years as a retail and sales manager, and I am currently transmissioning and trying to break into the Customer Success, Account Management world within the tech sector where I could really leverage my luxury retail experience. I am pretty much flexible with time this week and a chat …

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    • Nice to meet you Fru, NW8 here ☺️ if you want to meet, and talk about customer Experience and digital marketing, I’ve been in charge of International website for 12 years. I am quite new in London, looking for a job, then if you want to chat, let’s have a coffee !

      • Dear Lily nice to meet you here too and thank you for offering to meet for a coffee. I would love to do it, and talk about your experience in CE and digital marketing. Would you be available on Wed around 12pm or Thursday later afternoon around 5ish? I am looking forward to hearing from you and wish you a great week ahead. Fru

  • Hi Everyone, I have just signed up and wanted to say Hi!

    I am customer centric professional with 10+ experience in the luxury retail sector as a retail manager, but the sector is not future proved anymore, and I am currently exploring different career path but still with a main focus on clients and client experience. If you have any tips or ideas what would be the smart career move from retail to a sector where I can still utilize my transferable skills (customer experience, CRM, working towards targets, organizing, planning, prioritizing, communication, team work and team management) but would give me more flexibility I would love to hear your thoughts and your time is highly appreciated.

    Wish you all a lovely weekend and I am looking forward to connecting here!

    • Welcome Fruzsina Gal 😀

      You sound like a great candidate for our Catapult course, which just relaunched last week:

      In it, we help members find their focus, define their personal brand and launch (or relaunch) their portfolio careers. You also build a great support network.

    • Welcome Fruzsina Gal!

      I’d recommend connecting with Izabela Wlodarska – sounds like you would have much to discuss! We’ve also got a whole host of other members who would be great to build your network with – when I see you on Thursday for Getting Started with TPC, we’ll go through how you can build your connections!

      • Hi Fruzisina (lovely name btw) Thank you Lexi for the mention. I am sure we would have lots to talk about. I am happy to have a chat and to get to know you😊

    • Hi and welcome Fruzisina, I am also new and finding my feet here. As mentioned above I plan to attend the getting started with TCP on Thursday so hopefully see you there 🖐️

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