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Finding purpose in community: Bernice’s story

So much of our ambition is shaped by our life story. The places we live in, the people we meet, the things we’re passionate...

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Portfolio Journey Series: Ed Goodchild

At his heart, Edward Goodchild is an enthusiastic innovator and perennial entrepreneur. On top of building the Zendht Venture Studio, he is an independent...

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Finding your tribe—connection and community in a remote world

The life of a portfolio professional can be a bit lonely at times. Many of us have shifted away from the bustle of a...

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How to keep a clear focus and stay motivated

When you work on your own – whether freelancing, contracting or starting a new business – it can be hard to find the right...

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Portfolio Journey Series: Anthony Main

Having started his work with a portfolio career, before it was even known as a portfolio career, Anthony Main has gone on to create...

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About me

I am a...
marketing consultant fiction writer podcast host content creator community leader gin expert

I’m a wordsmith first, marketer close second. Right now, I’m focused on driving new content for our community at The Portfolio Collective. This is just one part of my own portfolio career, so do reach out to discuss your own projects.

I can work with you on your marketing from beginning to end. I love to find the story at the heart of businesses and individuals. As well as working for corporate and owner-managed businesses, I am a writer and editor. I’m happiest when facilitating learning – whether that’s writing creatively, creating a strategy, or on how best to drink gin!


Open to be mentored

Open to new projects

Provides freelancing services


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