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    Linh posted in the group The Community

    1 year ago · Edited 1 year ago

    ”Together we are magic.”😊💗✨’

    I am excited and grateful to invite you all to my free #magicmonday✨ offer to start your week – not with Monday blues, but with magic and a like-minded community 🙂

    🌱I have observed that we sometimes rush through the week to only look forward to the weekend, and then realize how short it was, with our mind already with next week’s to-do’s 🙂

    🌱I have also observed that while mindfulness, self-care, and wellbeing have become buzz words since the pandemic, we may still struggle with actually applying all these concepts to our actual, busy, daily life😓

    🌱I have finally observed that there are different myths and understandings about coaching, believing it may be a sign of weakness to benefit from coaching 🙂

    But all of these above – excitement for life, mindfulness, and coaching – have changed my life!🐣 As a qualified and passionate coach, I want to offer you the tools and resources – for you to enjoy life and create the life you desire 🙂

    Sounds cliché? 😉 Join us on #magicmondays✨ to see me in action and, along the way, invest in your personal growth and wellbeing🌱 with fun and magic! :))



    Sign up here & share looking forward to seeing you!😍😊💗


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