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    1 year, 10 months ago

    Great ’speed meet’ session today. As ever, I wasn’t sure whether to attend, but I’m glad I did. A refreshing way to spend a Friday lunchtime. What did I learn from my experience:

    1.) Gerup is Scottish for group. (Sorry Fiona, I do enjoy our banter)

    2.) Jesus is real and TPC don’t keep him locked in a cupboard.

    3.) TPC has attracted a great bunch of personalities.

    4.) Meeting a person face to face is so much more engaging.

    5.) I am 80% more likely to give future business to someone I have met, than through reading their profile or visiting their website.

    6.) Collectively we all want each other to succeed and this certainly resonates.

    p.s. you will enhance your profile with a cute dog. Cats next team please, but no Horses Silvia!

    p.p.s good luck next week


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