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Fireside Chat: How AI will affect future careers

What work will articificial intelligence displace and create, and what does that mean for our careers?

Beyond fears of job replacement, we all wonder how human activity and AI will co-operate in the future of work, and what that means for our careers. 

What work will be destroyed? What work will be created? What reskilling is required to live in this new world of automation and intelligent support? In our June Fireside panel event, we take a seat with our CTO Jesus Iniesta, AI Research Xoogler Jenny Collins, Programme Manager at Nesta Genna Barnett, and Global Outcomes Lead at Ironhack Gemma Garriga. Together they will answer your questions!

Our fireside panels operate as an open discussion. Pull up a seat, dive into big topics with a supportive community, and get your burning questions answered.

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Friday 11th June @ 1pm (UK)

60 minute event
Event fee: Free

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