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Fireside chat: Personality types and portfolio careers

We all have our own personality quirks - but how do they shape our career decisions?


It may come as no surprise that your personality influences the career you choose and, ultimately, whether or not you’re happy in your job. So how can you be sure you’re pursuing the right path for your unique characteristics? And how does having a portfolio career allow you to embrace your personality type and find success?

In our May Fireside event, we’re bringing together a panel of personality experts who understand varying characteristics and know how to build a career around someone’s best traits. Join our COO Fiona Chorlton-Voong and our guest speakers as we answer all your questions about personality types, pinpointing your strengths and knowing your limitations.

Our panel events operate as an open discussion. Pull up a seat, dive into big topics with a supportive community and gather new insights.

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Local Time

  • Timezone: Europe/Paris
  • Date: May 20 2022
  • Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
Lexi Radcliffe-Hart , Fiona Chorlton-Voong
Lexi Radcliffe-Hart


Lexi Radcliffe-Hart

<b>Community Events Manager</b></br> Wordsmith, marketer, community leader. Lexi loves telling stories, and helping others tell theirs. She hosts many of our events and is happiest next to the beating heart of communities.

Other Organizers

Fiona Chorlton-Voong
Fiona Chorlton-Voong

<b>COO</b></br> Fiona is responsible for TPC’s growth through marketing, operations, strategy and brand. She has a talent for leveraging technology along with an insatiable drive to help others succeed, and believes in the power of community to achieve this.


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