recognising your value and knowing what to charge


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Fireside chat: recognising your value (and knowing what to charge)

Understanding what your skills are worth can be tricky. We're here to help you figure that out.

Deciding how much you should charge is always a tricky exercise – you want to maximise your earnings while ensuring that you still win that client. Every portfolio professional is unique, and so is your client’s situation likely to be, so market standards are only a guide. We want to help you realise that your skills, experience and unique perspective are more valuable than you think.  

In our January Fireside event, we’re bringing together an exciting panel of industry leaders who know a thing or two about understanding value and charging what you’re really worth. They will also help you understand the various ways you can structure your fees beyond a standard day rate. 

Join our CEO Ben Legg and our distinguished guest speakers Jade Phillips and Scott Leishman as we answer all your burning questions and provide you with the insights you need to really understand the value that you have (and make the money you deserve). 

Our panel events operate as an open discussion. Pull up a seat, dive into big topics with a supportive community, and gather new insights. 

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Lexi Radcliffe-Hart


Lexi Radcliffe-Hart

Community Events Manager Wordsmith, marketer, community leader. Lexi loves telling stories, and helping others tell theirs. She hosts many of our events and is happiest next to the beating heart of communities.

Other Organizers

Ben Legg
Ben Legg

CEO Former COO of Google Europe, global technology CEO, McKinsey consultant and soldier. Ben now helps entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and society.

Friday 14th January @ 1pm (UK)

60 minute event
Event fee: Free

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