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Let's Talk... Understanding your Personality Type

Dive into the subjects that keep portfolio professionals up at night

In this week’s Let’s Talk, we’ll focus on how to better understand your personality type, giving you the chance to discuss your experiences and gain valuable insights with other members of the community. 

Led by our COO Fiona, a qualified MBTI coach, we’ll explore different personality types and how being aware of the characteristics of other personality types can improve communication, team work, productivity. 

How it works

Every week we focus on one area of portfolio working life to give our community a little more detail on topics relevant to your experiences and career journey. With this weekly event, you get the opportunity to talk with Ben and the team about these subjects and explore what they mean to you. 

Come along to ask your questions about the weekly topic: stay for the full hour or as long as you’d like. Run via Zoom, once you sign up you’ll be given the access details allowing you to drop in whenever suits you best. 

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Fiona Chorlton-Voong


Fiona Chorlton-Voong

COO Fiona is responsible for TPC’s growth through marketing, operations, strategy and brand. She has a talent for leveraging technology along with an insatiable drive to help others succeed, and believes in the power of community to achieve this.

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Tuesday 27th July @ 5pm (UK)

60 minute Q&A
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