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Let's talk... tackling common tech fears

Dive into the subjects that keep portfolio professionals up at night

Welcome to a very special edition of our Let’s Talk event hosted by our partners at Ironhack. This week, we’ll be taking a deep dive into all things tech and programming, facing our coding fears head on through real-life examples and practical tips. 

During this event, Ironhack will debunk the most common programming misconceptions and provide you with a clear roadmap to get you started on your coding journey – plus, you’ll discover plenty of free resources to help you out.

So what do you say? Are you ready to boost your coding confidence and tip your toes into a bit of programming? It’s easier than you think!

How it works

Every other week, we focus on one area of portfolio working life to give you a little more detail on topics relevant to your experiences and career journey.

Come along to ask your questions about the topic: stay for the full hour or as long as you’d like. This event is run via Zoom. Once you sign up you’ll be given the access details allowing you to drop in whenever suits you best.

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Lexi Radcliffe-Hart


Lexi Radcliffe-Hart

Community Events Manager Wordsmith, marketer, community leader. Lexi loves telling stories, and helping others tell theirs. She hosts many of our events and is happiest next to the beating heart of communities.

Other Organizers

Manish Poduval
Manish Poduval

Manish is a web development instructor at Ironhack and a core computer engineer. He worked in several tech companies and startups as a full stack developer before finding his true joy helping people switch to tech careers. He has been teaching for the past 3 years.

Tuesday 2nd November @ 5pm (UK)

60 minute Q&A
Workshop fee: Free

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