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Startup Mentor

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We are a new charity supporting disabled entrepreneurs in the UK.

Experienced in business and looking to pass on your knowledge and experience while refining your own abilities? We’d love for you to join our mentoring programme.

What the job involves

Our business mentors are vital cogs in our charity, allowing us to deliver our UK-wide mentoring programme to disabled entrepreneurs.

Each of our beneficiaries arrive to us from their own unique circumstances. Some may be at the beginning of their entrepreneurial journey, some may be experienced multi-business owners. Some may come to us hoping to accomplish a specific goal for an existing idea, some may have the business buzz and are looking for support to turn that into a solid idea. You may be in a similar boat.

Maybe you’ve owned, led or managed international businesses. Maybe you are accelerating your own career and wish to pass on what you have learned, your experiences, your know-how. You might be an award-winning CEO, or a savvy solopreneur – if you feel you have something to pass on, we’d love to hear from you.

About the role

Our mentors and mentees work remotely via email, phone or video call.

We match mentors and mentees individually and by assessing each party’s needs and wants, so no random assigning.

Mentors spend on average 2-4 hours per month working with their mentee, and the amount spent together can be agreed and adjusted throughout.

The Accessful Foundation will monitor the mentoring relationship throughout and provide support to both parties at all times.


As each of our beneficiaries seek unique support within a range of business mentoring, our mentors can be found in every industry.

Ideally, you have first hand experience of business ownership, self-employment or entrepreneurialism. However, if you have relevant experience, we would love to hear from you Sometimes a mentee may be seeking social media mentoring or e-commerce support for a specific project, so although you may have not run your own business in those fields, you could be an asset to us and them with your experience.

You may have a deep knowledge of a certain industry as an employee rather than as the employer, this is still certainly of interest to us.

Expectations of a good mentor

Help the mentee identify their own strengths and weaknesses, and discuss and potentially recommend ways to improve these.

  • During mentoring time, a good mentor will allocate uninterrupted, quality time where they are able to be completed focused on the mentee.
  • To create an open, honest and welcoming culture, using their experience and personality to understand the importance of making others feel at ease.
  • Assist the mentee in goal setting and not to just set each goal for them without input.
  • Fair in feedback, a critical friend yet acknowledging that a mentee will be not necessarily be as confident as their mentor during the process, so may need to feel feedback is kindly delivered.
  • Willing to undertake confidentiality training and adhere to its principles at all times.
  • Wiling to enthusiastically support all monitoring and evaluation processes in a prompt manner. What difference will you make?

What difference will you make?

The benefits of mentoring are beyond question. We can all recall that person that helped us. The person that gave us the confidence, knowledge, experience or support to reach our goals. For some people, a mentor can be genuinely life-changing.

Mentors are not there to be the answer to every question, but their impact for individuals can be career-defining. We hope you can do that with us.

As a charity, our mentoring programme is a key way we support disabled entrepreneurs in the UK.

Our beneficiaries are sometimes with us due to inaccessible employment, or seeking a way of finding income that suits them with their ‘name above the door’, or are fulfilling a dream.

As much as our mentees have unique backgrounds, your own personal experience is unique – and we want to provide a space for you to use that to make a demonstrable impact on the life of an aspiring or current entrepreneur.

Hiring Process

Simple Next Steps

Apply below!

Your application will be carefully reviewed by the TPC team and, if selected, you will have an initial screening call with a TPC representative.

If selected, we will put you fowards to TAF for their consideration.

Meet the Team

Jack Pridmore


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