NED/Adviser for dating site with 8 million users

We are looking for non-executive directors to be part of our board of advisers and directors.

In particular, we are looking for a NED, that has knowledge and experience in one of these fields:

  • Legal, Accounting, Admin
  • Strategy & Startups
  • Finance, Fundraising, Investor Relations
  • Business Development
  • PR, Media Relations, Influencer Relations
  • Paid ads marketing, Content marketing, SEO

We very recently relaunched Axacty (owner of IQ Elite, a dating site with 8 million members), have built an excellent team and are already talking to initial investors. You can see the deck here (it is work in progress).

Eike Post founded the site 10 years ago for matching people according to IQ and personality tests. He left after two years and just reacquired it three months ago. We are now relaunching under a new concept, to disrupt the dating industry by offering a scalable way to connect like-minded people by algorithms based on psychometric tests.

As soon as we have investors, we are able to pay a monthly retainer. Until then the company could pay expenses only. As NED you become a shareholder of the company, as follows: your time investment is converted into equity according to the YCombinator Safe agreement. That means you get an hourly or monthly rate and get shares for the work you have invested in the company. Details of this are in the our Adviser Agreement.

This is a great opportunity! We already have 8 million members, made over 2 million USD in revenue and have a good chance to become a unicorn, but you can still join without taking any risk.

If interested please email Eike Post: [email protected]

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