Fundraising Expert – Seed Round



Fundraising Expert – Seed Round



Fundraising Expert – Seed Round


About us

Isn’t it amazing that an art form with over 1,000 years of history is flourishing in the digital world? You can now stream thousands of hours of classical music, categorised by perfectly accurate metadata, from anywhere in the world. 

But wasn’t classical music always about the human touch? Emotion, creativity, and most of all, beauty? At Vialma we create meaningful and enriching musical experiences which everybody can enjoy, share and keep. We’re a streaming service dedicated to music and the arts. We curate unforgettable digital experiences for our customers and use our expertise to help organisations and brands connect with their audience.

To date, Vialma has raised around €2.5M, attracted more than 40 brands and cultural institutions partnering with us, and averaged more than 1h of listening per session per paid user throughout our database of 1.5M audio & video lossless and HD titles.

Our mission is to become is to reveal the power of music and the arts, as they transform everyone’s lives for the better, and we aim at becoming the leading streaming solution dedicated to arts by 2030. 

You can see more about our values here.


The Fundraise

We’re looking for a Fundraising Expert to support us in our Seed funding round, to lay out the strategy and the tactics for a successful fundraise. 

In your first 30 days you’ll deep dive to understand our business model and our market landscape. You’ll review our pitch decks and landing page, and suggest improvements to better convey our values and positioning. You’ll work with the team to present an in-depth strategy to successfully land investment, and work out a clear set of actions to get there.

By Day 60 you’ll have contacted large numbers of potential investors, scheduled several intro calls with the Vialma team. You’ll be nurturing each potential investor through the pipeline, and adding more investors to the pipeline as needed.

By Day 90 we’ll be having several investor calls per week, plus progressing the most promising ones through due diligence. 

Ideally the fundraise will be successfully closed before Day 180.


The Candidate

Our dream candidate is someone with a strong track record of leading similar fundraising campaigns in the past, ideally within the Media & Entertainment industry. This is a fractional role, with the ideal candidate working 5-20hrs a week for the next 3-6 months.


Experience & Skills

  • Track record of successfully delivering Seed fundraises before
  • 5+ years senior leadership experience in the Media & Entertainment industry
  • Extensive network in VC / family offices/ corporate venture, specifically working with B2C/ subscription models
  • Strong fit with our values: Quality, Universality, Sharing, Joy, Innovation.
  • Based in Europe - ideally France or UK


Timing & remuneration

This is a fractional project, likely lasting 3-6 months, starting early March 2023. The remuneration can include a retainer fee, and/or a success fee based on the investment raised. If your screening call goes well, you will be asked to better define how you would tackle the project and outline your fee structure.

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