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What I offer

Fractional Chief of staff

I support Founders, Executive Teams, & Leaders through interim placements or ongoing, part-time contracts.

This work is inherently broad, but can include include making the C-suite team more efficient, managing internal comms, or supporting business operations challenges.

Special Project Consultant

I help Department Heads & Executive Leaders through short-term project and program support.
This work often covers a wide variety of initiatives from piloting a product/programme launch, organising large scale events coordinating partnerships, or designing e-learning curriculums.

Social Impact strategist

I support companies and organisations with their Social Impact agendas through consulting and advising engagements. The type of support I provide can include crafting an ESG strategy, creating social impact commitments linked to your company mission, or developing employee engagements programmes


Created the social impact teams at WeWork in EMEA

Created the strategy and operational planning for social impact at WeWork UK and then scaled it to 10+ countries. As part of this work I organised large scale events, hiring initiatives with the people team, mentoring programmes and employee volunteering programmes.

Launched the Amazon Small Business Accelerator

Co-developed the strategy for the Accelerator; an e-learning platform with over 15h of content for small businesses on how to sell online. Designed the curriculum, recorded the content, worked on EU expansion, and event strategy.


My portfolio career

Career experience

My portfolio career

Career experience


  • Master organiser
  • Event management
  • Sales and pitch
  • General marketing
  • Empathy and EQ


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