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Building Mane Hook-Up

I'm building a beauty technology platform that helps black women find and book appointments with local hair stylists who specialise in afro hair.

Helping Others Build or Manage a Property Portfolio

Whether you're trying to buy your first property or you've become an unexpected landlord and need some help with managing your portfolio, drop me a line and I'll see what I can do to help.


Find Your Why Campaign

I led the production of CharityJob's first advertising campaign (Find Your Why) in order to reach a new market segment called career shifters. This included working with an advertising agency to produce three, one-minute, video advertisements and measure their impact on the business.

Team Leadership & Structuring

Having built content, marketing and business intelligence departments from the ground up, I strive to create teams that have both diversity of thought and skillset.

Website & Digital Product Optimisation

Helping small businesses create new websites from scratch - using simple solutions like SquareSpace - or improve the conversion rate of their existing site.

Mane Members Partnership Program

Collaborating with 15+ black-owned, UK based, hair and beauty brands to provide users of Mane Hook-Up with valuable discounts. Giving users access to quality products and brands access to customers who are ready to buy from their business.

Brand Development and Re-Branding

Bringing brands to life by translating the idea of what a business represents into tangible experiences that customers can relate to and remember.

Supporting Fellow Founders

By sharing snippets of my experience as a founder in a bi-weekly newsletter, I aim to help others on the same journey. Each week I answer the many questions people have such as how to set up a business (while juggling life), product development and overcoming the challenges of being a team of one.

Sprint Training & Strength/Conditioning

Having trained as an athlete since the age of 14, I've had the privilege of training/racing abroad as well as working with elite coaches and athletes.


My portfolio career

Career experience

My portfolio career

Career experience


  • Brand Development
  • Team Leadership
  • CVR Optimisation
  • Customer & Market Research
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Automations, Content & SEO


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