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Radio technologies for automotive industry

Standardization of 3GPP 5G radio interface technologies for automotive industry┬┤s purposes. Develop new ideas and solutions for future scenarios such as vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian communication with focus on unlicensed spectrum, co-existence, and sidelink positioning.

Technical analysis of patents

Intellectual property rights activities such as creation and technical analysis of claim charts, standards essential patent essentiality/validity assessment, and expert witness for litigations.

Telecom protocol research

Affiliated researcher working part-time with analysis of interoperability and extensibility problems in telecom protocols and schemas. The purpose of this project is to create tools and understanding of how to avoid interoperability problems in telecom standards.



Several years attendance to 3GPP RAN working groups as delegate and specification editor/rapporteur. Experienced author and reviewer of documents and specifications. Thorough understanding of product-driven standardization.

Standards support as a neutral party

Provide official reports of 3GPP meetings as a neutral party and representative of a standards setting organization. Contribute to development of online platform to enable new drafting processes.

Systems engineering

Systemization and development of Quality of Service (QoS) features for 4G radio access networks. Feasibility studies of radio resource management algorithms/architectures and assessment of their benefits against complexity/cost.

Research of systems beyond 3G

EU funded research of IMT-Advanced multiple access schemes and radio access concepts, i.e. research towards 4G mobile radio communication concepts.

Multiple access systems research

EU funded research of IMT-2000 multiple access schemes and radio access concepts, i.e. research towards 3G mobile radio communication concepts.


Inventor and co-inventor of several telecom patents including standards essential patents.


My portfolio career

Career experience

My portfolio career

Career experience


  • 3GPP
  • Standardization delegate
  • International projects
  • Standard Essential Patents
  • Claim charting
  • Expert opinions/witness


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