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Get “UNSTUCK” - free live Q&A

Join us for a live Q&A session where we tackle top startup challenges and assist founders in overcoming immediate obstacles to their success. Don’t miss this free hour our team dedicates toward helping you succeed.
Thursdays @ 2.30pm (EST), 7.30pm (UK London)

Find a co-founder

-Looking for a co-founder for your startup/Idea?
-Looking to join a startup/Idea as a co-founder?

If we see a potential match, we will connect you both and provide helpful pre-screen Qs

Startup Ecosystem

Brief snapshot visual of our business ecosystem.
🔺Co-working accelerator program "concept/traction/scale"
🔺Corporate innovation (collaboration between startups & corporate)
🔺Startup talent
🔺Technology consultancy and solutions
🔺VC & funding options (post rev)

Funding options for post-rev startups

Our accelerator founding team provide multiple funding options for post-rev startups internally, and within our ecosystem.
1. Q1 Velocity AI fund
2. VC partners & syndicates
3. Equity/debt
4. Post rev

Tech Talent for startups & SMB

🔺SPO (software project outsourced) - C2C/C2H, 6,12 + (paid)
🔺RPO, RETAINED, CUSTOM BUILT - Perm/direct full-time (paid)
🔺Fractional Senior Executives (free)
🔺Co-founders (free)
🔺Interns (free)

Q1 Velocity AI VC fund

LOS ANGELES VC FIRM - Investing At The Intersection of Leadership and Innovation.
Pre-seed/seed AI-driven fund in Southern California to back SaaS and IoT companies.
Q1V is adjacent to our SROI accelerator.
The accelerator is the DD (due diligence) process prior to being accepted into Q1V VC fund.


VP of people @ Startup ROI (accelerator program)

Led by the head of Silicon Valley Los Angeles Chapter at Network VC, and GP of our AI fund, our team of successful entrepreneurs and accelerator founders launched a global innovation 1st AI accelerator that helps young innovators and startup founders build & grow ROI driven products & scale.

Founder @ Empire Headhunters (subsidiary of RROI)

The talent you seek are usually not on job-boards.
They are usually passive, or not even looking at all.
We don't guess, we hunt!l
We lived through the unrealistic costs for businesses outsourcing their unique technology talent needs, especially startups. We close that gap without losing the quality

Operational Partner @ Reciprocity ROI (parent)

Reciprocity ROI are a "one stop shop in technology".
Innovators, investors, technology solutions, executives, start-ups, large enterprises, family office, VC firms, headhunting and corporate wellness - creating an ecosystem of self-supporting technologies to scale growth.


My portfolio career

Career experience

My portfolio career

Career experience


  • Tech Partnership Growth
  • Client Acquisition
  • Talent Management
  • Decisive Leadership
  • Early-stage Startups
  • Coaching startups and businesses
  • Lean Startup
  • Equity Funding
  • Crowdfunding


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