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Building "The One Advantage" Community

A community of business leaders and professionals mastering the only competitive advantage we can rely upon these days as having any permanence ... a peer-powered culture of agility. Everything else is increasingly temporary, increasingly quickly!


20 Years as a Portfolio Career'ist, Going Portfolio for a Second Time

I first took the leap from the corporate world in 2002, stepping off the ledge into nothingness, not least of all as a newly minted green card holder in a new city (San Diego)/new country (USA). I am English, American now. After a 3 year gap with a company as President, I am going portfolio again.

Wrote my First Book and Working on my Second

My first book: "Wheel$pin: The Agile Executives' Manifesto
My second book: "The 5 Roles of Everyday Agile Leaders: Cracking the Agility Code"


My portfolio career

Career experience

My portfolio career

Career experience


  • Eye Level Coaching of CEOs & Executives
  • Evolving an Agility Operating System
  • Threading the Needle of Accountability
  • Keynote Speaking & Workshops
  • Facilitating Teams
  • Chairing Peer Groups


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