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Limited Partner Raise, 2nd fund


The increased collaboration between human and machine (“Augmented Intelligence”) will be the centerpiece of our economy and daily lives, and is arguably required for our economy to keep functioning.
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Interim Chairperson, Join our chapter

Established in 1954, the International Trade Council is one of the world’s largest non-profit peak-body chambers of commerce. The International Trade Council represents 76 government export agencies, 418 national and industry vertical chambers of commerce, and approximately 29,000 corporations.


40 Under 40 San Diego Business Journal

Published Author

Mission Matters: World's Leading Entrepreneurs Reveal Their Top Tips To Success (Business Leaders Vol.5) Paperback – July 15, 2021

Ithaca College, Board Advisor

Currently serve as the board advisor providing insight across the emerging technology spectrum as it may intersect with cyber security


My portfolio career

Career experience

My portfolio career

Career experience


  • Strategic Operations/Bootstrapping
  • Growth Hacking/Market/Development
  • Public Speaking
  • Revenue and Fundraising
  • Networking/Innovator
  • Marketing/Sales/Client Development


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