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A refreshed Theory of Change for a global education foundation

The impact of Covid19 on education has been seismic and represents a generational crisis. Gains have been put back years and the attainability of SDG4 by 2030 is under threat. A new Theory of Change is vital to this organisation at the centre of education innovation.

Lean / agile mentoring

Mentoring a senior operations manager through digital transformation projects and new hires including lean leadership and agile project skills and reactive support for the ups and downs of the week including re-prioritisation, managing the backlog and communicating with stakeholders.

Product Viability Evaluation

Reviewing the interface, usability, features and journey of a digital dashboard for ocean community activists in order to assess the viability of the product to a) engage and scale up; b) achieve technical efficiency and c) create better social impact reporting and measurement

Apps for Good Volunteer Advisor

Apps for Good is an independent charity that transforms computing education with its four core pillars. Volunteers video conference into lessons and provide face to face support to students. I focus on Idea Screening, Minimum Viable Product and Market testing. That's me in the photo.

Aurora wellness in the workplace partner project

With 4 in 5 employees reporting mental health and wellbeing concerns, we are beginning to explore ways that we can offer Aurora's blend of personalised music therapy in the workplace. We have free trials in place with 3 NHS Trusts and are looking for more potential partners.


Cofounder - Aurora sleep music app

Sleep is personal. Aurora makes it possible for everyone struggling to fall asleep to set the perfect vibe. Personalise each song to make it work for you by moving the sliders to alter the soundscape, instruments and sounds for your own, personal audio experience.

Lean impact strategist

I help social purpose organisations deliver more impact with less resource by adopting lean leadership, innovation and impact techniques mixed with light behaviour budges. Changemakers put intense pressure on themselves - I aim to help them manage their energy before they manage their time.


My portfolio career

Career experience

My portfolio career

Career experience


  • Outside-in thinking
  • Minimum Viable Products
  • Lean Impact
  • Theories of Change
  • Market Research
  • Startups


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