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Why I chose to work with a startup

When I started my career as a shoe designer, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. Or that everything I’d learn working with shoes would set me up with the experience and mindset I needed to embrace a portfolio career – and soon after that a mentoring role at a startup. Now, … Continued

Money, time and growth: how to plan a portfolio career

In a world that we don’t understand but need to explain, anxiety often acts as the driving force behind our decisions. Uncertainty can paralyse us, especially with career choices. Perhaps it’s that awareness of uncertainty that makes people either question or delay the inevitable transition to self-employment. But you can’t let the fear of the … Continued

How to balance a side hustle with your day job

It’s never been easier to start a business, which is why so many people are joining the side hustle economy. But how do you manage a side hustle without leaving your day job and, by extension, that steady income you rely on, behind? The good news is that balancing both is totally achievable and increasingly … Continued

Everything you need to know about NED board roles

Years ago, the idea of becoming a non-executive director (NED) of a company may have felt like an exclusive club only available to corporate big wigs and titans of industry towards the end of their careers. However, it’s now easier than ever for portfolio professionals to join boards of directors. That’s because there are more … Continued

How to win portfolio work with startups

If you think about it, portfolio professionals and startups are a bit of a match made in heaven. Both involve people declaring their independence, working out new things on a daily basis, and having to multitask and get things done incredibly efficiently. It’s not just about getting away from the traditional 9-to-5 corporate life – … Continued

Launch your startup via a portfolio career

There are some ambitions that just aren’t taught. They form over time, growing hot in the pit of our stomachs until we can’t ignore the call to do something sensational, something that changes the course of our lives (and others) in an astounding and indelible way. For many, this gnawing and all-consuming feeling is better … Continued

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