• Profile picture of James Bebbington
    Commercial Strategist · Growth Consultant · Partnership Lead · Business Dev Specialist · Long Distance Cyclist
    I'm driven by maximising on opportunity and fulfilling potential. I build and deliver commercial strategies focused on customers. I’m fascinated by finding the levers ...
  • @ricardo-de-oliveira
  • Profile picture of Niall Brady
    I Am A Team Builder · I Am A Leader · I Am An Innovator · I Am A Technologist · I Am A Delivery Expert · I Am A ...
    I am a project delivery expert, having delivered for some of the biggest and well-known banks, media organisations, and telecoms and technology companies in the ...
  • Profile picture of Yana Shend
  • Profile picture of Ella Bernie
    Community Champion · Social Media Analyst · Marketing Graduate
    I have just graduated from a Consumer Behaviour and Marketing degree at the University of Reading. During that time I learnt lots about social media ...
  • Profile picture of Marcus van der Gaag
    Ideas Person · With Operational Twist · Within Sports, Leisure · Events And Tourism
    After a spell in the Army, I have spend over 30 years in the sports, events and tourism world. Business development and innovation has become a ...
  • Profile picture of Julia Poncar
    Career Mentor And Advisor · Intrapreneur · Catalyst For Growth
    Serial intrapreneur and new business development executive with experience spanning multiple industries and countries. Over time, I discovered that my passion is making other people ...
  • Profile picture of James Pattinson
    Creative Strategist · Writer · Entrepreneur · Non-Exec Director · Mentor (and Mentee!)
    I’m an award-winning marketeer, strategist and entrepreneur. Expert in creative strategy + innovation (brand, comms, digital, NPD and organizational effectiveness). I ...
  • Profile picture of Claire Moss
    Project Coordinator · Leadership Director · Biomedical Scientist · Windsurfer
    Always looking for the next big adventure, I have spent the last 3 years travelling and working abroad. My love for learning has pushed me outside ...
  • Profile picture of Lucy Warman
    Hospitality HR Pro · People Professional · Trainer · Leadership Coach · DiSC Associate · Champion Of People · Mentor · Volunteer -Careers Advice
    Surge Ahead helps hospitality operators find, engage and develop the right people in the right organisation. If it's a hotel or restaurant - ...
  • Profile picture of Jane O'Sullivan
    Graphic Designer · Marketer · Costume Designer · Textile Designer · Visual Storyteller
    I am a designer working in London across the fields of branding, fashion and theatre. I recently graduated with a BA in Fashion Design from ...
  • Profile picture of Matt Ward
    Helicopter Test Pilot · User Experience Expert · Beekeeper
    I love perfecting the details of life, applying creativity and rationality to everything I do. I deconstruct and rebuild ideas & systems to push innovation. ...
  • @frida-persson
    Full Stack Developer · JavaScript Developer · Backend Developer · Frontend Developer
    Hi there 👋 My name is Frida, originally from a small town on the Swedish west coast but been living in Barcelona, Spain for twelve ...
  • Profile picture of Jesus Iniesta
    Startup Founder · CTO · Systems Architect · Technology Consultant · Mobile App Specialist · Web Specialist
    Driven by a deep desire to have a positive impact to the world, I use technology as a mean to bring positive change to people’...
  • Profile picture of Roy Vella
    Growth Hacker · Revenue Driver · Team Builder · Story Doctor · Storm Navigator
    Resourceful Stanford JD/MBA with creative problem-solving skills and global execution delivering high-growth, digitally-driven teams. Known as a solid leader, strong revenue driver and the ...
  • Profile picture of Andy Townsend
    Data Engineer · Data Architect · Data Consultant
    A highly skilled and experienced consultant, specialising in the architecture, engineering and operations of modern data ecosystems. I've worked for many years as ...
  • Profile picture of Steve Rogers
    Business Leader · Non Exec · Advisor · C.D.O. · C.C.O. · C.P.O.
    Steve Rogers is C.C.O. of fintech startup Quantum Terminal. Previously C.D.O. at news Co Reach Plc. Steve was at Google for ...
  • Profile picture of Shamir
    Startup Advisor · Regulation And Compliance · Sales Relationship Mgmt · Financial Services · Global B2B Client Service
    Past Career in Banking where initially I set up and then headed global B2B client services then 20 years in Sales and Relationship Management. Also ...

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