• Profile picture of Helena Chan
    Go Getter And Team Player
    I am a professional with over years of international professional experience in branding, strategic communications, relationship & stakeholder management, in major global organisations such as Christie’...
  • @patric-wong
  • Profile picture of Fiona Chorlton-Voong
    A Founder · A COO · A Start-up Mentor · A Brand Strategist · A MBTI Coach · A Marketing Strategist
    Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of The Portfolio Collective. I'm a Commercial Strategist who is passionate in guiding professionals to find their WHY so ...
  • @miles-barr
  • Profile picture of Johannes Castner
    Socio-Technological · Systems Engineer
    I am a data scientist, data engineer and AI practitioner with expertise in modern (scalable) deep learning, data pipelines, knowledge graphs and reasoning systems. I ...
  • Profile picture of The Portfolio Collective Team
    A Learning Platform · A Community Builder · A Talent Matcher · A Resource Library · An Event Facilitator · A Future Of Work Advocate · Here To Help
    Hi there 👋 Here at The Portfolio Collective our mission is to help professionals launch and sustain successful portfolio careers. We have a whole ...
  • Profile picture of Val Miranda
    Graphic/Digital Designer · Photographer · Copywriter
    I'm curious and love to learn new things through every new job I take. I combine this with my varied expertise to help people achieve ...
  • Profile picture of Kevin Withane
    Investor/VC · Lawyer · Advisor/Mentor · DEI Advocate · Culture Builder
    I create opportunities for underestimated founders® to access capital, and I help them grow and scale their businesses. I have a 20-year career in corporate ...
  • @susilawati
  • Profile picture of Adarsh Nalam
    Communication Specialist · Writing Coach · Ghostwriter
    I help business leaders - CEOs, founders, and independent professionals - create digital content that communicates their value through public relations, social media, and owned ...
  • Profile picture of Liam McGreevy
    CEO & Strategic Director
    I am an experienced business executive with a science and compliance background, leading into 15 years in sales, marketing and business development in technical sectors including ...
  • Profile picture of Jane O’Sullivan
    Creator · Artist
  • Profile picture of Ben Legg
    A Reinventor Of Society · A Builder Of Communities · A Mentor To Entrepreneurs · A Booster Of Talent · A Joiner Of Dots · An Investor In The Future · ...
    I help entrepreneurs reinvent themselves and society for the better. My career has included relieving the siege of Sarajevo in 1995, McKinsey strategy consultant, turning around ...
  • Profile picture of Rhonda Alexander
  • Profile picture of Joanne Smalley
    Fractional B2B CMO · B2B Content Strategist · MarCmms Practitioner · Brand Storyteller
    I help businesses at the intersection of energy and technology grow. My focus is on delivering communications and marketing activities that build brands, acquire customers ...
  • @jon_1
  • Profile picture of Sabina Firtala
    Financial Analyst · Data Scientist · Natural Scientist · Mentor
    Natural scientist by training, financial analyst by trade, data scientist by July. Looking to work as a Data Scientist/Machine Learning Engineer in any of ...
  • Profile picture of Claire Hodgson
    Board Chair · Charity Startup · Veterinary Surgeon · Advocate · Educator · Change Driver
    Veterinary Surgeon with 20+ years experience now combining clinical work with a passion for people working to advocate for and support those in the veterinary industry ...

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