• Profile picture of Ben Legg
    A Reinventor Of Society · A Builder Of Communities · A Mentor To Entrepreneurs · A Booster Of Talent · A Joiner Of Dots · An Investor In The Future · ...
    I help entrepreneurs reinvent themselves and society for the better. My career has included relieving the siege of Sarajevo in 1995, McKinsey strategy consultant, turning around ...
  • Profile picture of Jesus Iniesta
    Startup Founder · CTO · Systems Architect · Technology Consultant · Mobile App Specialist · Web Specialist
    Driven by a deep desire to have a positive impact to the world, I use technology as a mean to bring positive change to people’...
  • Profile picture of Laura Kressmann
    MarTech Leader · Leadership Coach · Mentor · Content Creator
    Working with businesses & people to enable passion to meet [self] innovation! I’m MarTech leader, Coach & Mentor, Content Creator and Founder of Aspirationelles ...
  • Profile picture of Rob Wright
    Resilience Thought Leader · Writer Of Words That Sell · Speaker · Graphic Designer · Resilience Coach
    For 30 yrs I've used copywriting & graphic design to tell compelling stories that make lasting connections with our audiences. As a marketer, I'm naturally ...
  • Profile picture of Mike Richardson
    20 Yr Portfolio Careerist · Enterprise Agility Leader · Author & Speaker · Facilitator & Trainer · Community Builder · Peer Group Chair · CEO Coach
    I am cracking the code of agility for everyday leaders to develop enterprise agility, business agility, organizational agility, team agility and leadership agility. Despite the ...
  • Profile picture of Alan Tang
    An Operations Specialist · A Mentor · An Investor · A Teacher
    Working with CEOs, COOs and CFOs of scale-up and high growth businesses to navigate challenges relating to finance, operations, fundraising, technology, community building and culture. <...
  • @arpi
    A Discoverer · A People Person · A Good Communicator · A Problem Solver · A Account Manager · A Project Manager · I Am A Project Manager · I Am A ...
    I am an ambitious project manager with experience in fast-paced agile environments. I have lived, studied and worked in 6 countries in very diverse environments. I ...
  • Profile picture of Johannes Castner
    Socio-Technological · Systems Engineer
    I am a data scientist, data engineer and AI practitioner with expertise in modern (scalable) deep learning, data pipelines, knowledge graphs and reasoning systems. I ...
  • Profile picture of Jack Daly
    A Mathematician · A Hard Worker · A Keen Startup Pupil · A Coder · A Poker Nerd
    I'm a Talent Analyst here at TPC and currently also a Mathematics undergraduate at UCL. I have an innate love/passion for problem-solving and am ...
  • @joe-dunckley
    Content Strategist · Web Content Designer · Writer · Editor · Videographer · Digital Comms Strategist · Science Communicator
  • Profile picture of Martin Brown
  • Profile picture of Fiona Chorlton-Voong
    A Founder · A COO · A Start-up Mentor · A Brand Strategist · A MBTI Coach · A Marketing Strategist
    Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of The Portfolio Collective. I'm a Commercial Strategist who is passionate in guiding professionals to find their WHY so ...
  • Profile picture of David Estyn-Jones
  • Profile picture of Mika Meskanen
    Designer · Photographer · Writer · Community Builder · Biohacker · Freediver · Head Of UX · Product Manager
  • Profile picture of Pete Domican
    Strategy Consultant · Operations Consultant · Change Consultant · Programme Manager · Project Manager · Chief Of Staff · Business Advisor / Mentor
    I help leaders navigate all types of change successfully with less casualties. I provide strategic thinking and project management. I have 30 years of ...
  • Profile picture of Adrian Bates
  • Profile picture of Y E Leong
    Founder/ Co-founder · Partnerships Specialist · CordonBleu-trained Chef
    I am a first-time start up founder at WorthyRental.com, an online private rental property review website, inspired and conceptualised based on my personal rental ...
  • Profile picture of john pugh

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