• Profile picture of Natasha Gomer
  • Profile picture of Claire Moss
    Project Coordinator · Leadership Director · Biomedical Scientist · Windsurfer
    Always looking for the next big adventure, I have spent the last 3 years travelling and working abroad. My love for learning has pushed me outside ...
  • Profile picture of Dana Muntean
  • Profile picture of Akshay Vannery
  • Profile picture of Ginnie Dallard
    Proposal Writer · Project Manager · STEM Ambassador
    Dynamic Consultant experienced in the P3M skillset across all aspects of the project life cycle.
  • @carolyn
    Finance And Ops Expert
    It is important for Finance to understand Operations and vice versa. Wearing two hats means I can help you get the most out of ...
  • Profile picture of Dimitris Protogirou
    CFO - COO - CEO · Interim Or Fractional · London & Worldwide · Tech SMEs & Startups · Fundraisor - Implementor · Business Development
    Early in my career I was trusted to do things that I hadn't done before. At 27 the foundation study for the worlds deepest offshore rig. ...
  • Profile picture of Kai-Erik Sunell
    Consultant · Inventor
    Standardization consultant with background from telecom companies and standards development organization (ETSI). Contributed to 3GPP standardization committees (since 2006) and international EU research projects (1995-97, 2004-2006). ...
  • Profile picture of Mika Meskanen
    Designer · Photographer · Writer · Community Builder · Biohacker · Freediver · Head Of UX · Product Manager
  • @andy4design
    I Bring Campaigns To Life · I Design Exhibitions · Retail Designer · Office Showroom Design · Project Management · Skilled Carpenter
    I have over 25 years experience designing 3D environments within the exhibition, retail and marketing industry. I work with marketing departments running projects from ...
  • Profile picture of Regina Dundelova
    Change Enabler · Change Catalyst · Coach · Business Analyst · Curious · Investor
    I am a passionate enabler of positive change for, and with, individuals, businesses, teams and organisations. Keen to help you embrace change as ...
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  • Profile picture of Shawn Rea
  • Profile picture of Faris Aranki
    A Facilitator · A Trainer · A Speaker · A Strategist · All About EQ
    Faris runs Shiageto Consulting, which helps firms & individuals sharpen their effectiveness. He does this through innovative, emotionally-intelligent facilitation and training to work on IQ (intelligence ...
  • Profile picture of Ilaria Vilkelis
    Coach, Advisor · Designer & WFH Specialist · Public Speaking Expert
    Often described as generous, creative, unconventional, I am a highly experienced coach who can help you navigate crucial turning points and avoid decision making pitfalls. ...
  • Profile picture of Ben Legg
    A Reinventor Of Society · A Mentor To Entrepreneurs · A Headhunter For Startups · An Investor In Startups · A Builder Of Communities
    I help entrepreneurs reinvent themselves and society for the better. My career has included relieving the siege of Sarajevo in 1995, McKinsey strategy consultant, turning around ...
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