• Profile picture of Anastasia Trifonoff
    Former Banker · Sales And Account Manager · Public Policy Specialist
    I am a seasoned professional with a record of driving commercial growth and research leadership for financial services clients in the US and EMEA. Before ...
  • Profile picture of Caoimhe Kelly
    Shoe Designer · Volunteer · Mentor · Guest Lecturer
    I’m a freelance shoe designer who loves finding new ways to integrate creativity, design strategy and sustainable career growth. I mentor and support designers ...
  • Profile picture of Tracey Rob Perera
  • @john-koeckert
  • Profile picture of Peter Fayle
    Low-hours Evangelist · Software Architect · Strategist · Writer
    Escaped full-time single employment by going 50% in a corporate job. Want to see/create improved long-term collaborative opportunities for part-timers. Writing ...
  • Profile picture of Ginnie Dallard
    Proposal Writer · Project Manager · STEM Ambassador
    Dynamic Consultant experienced in the P3M skillset across all aspects of the project life cycle.
  • Profile picture of Jesus Iniesta
    Startup Founder · CTO · Systems Architect · Technology Consultant · Mobile App Specialist · Web Specialist
    Driven by a deep desire to have a positive impact to the world, I use technology as a mean to bring positive change to people’...
  • Profile picture of Fiona Chorlton-Voong
    Founder · COO · Start-up Mentor · Brand Strategist · MBTI Coach · Graphic Designer
    Chief Operating Officer & Co-Founder of The Portfolio Collective. I'm a Commercial Strategist that is passionate in supporting professionals looking to boost their ...
  • @lorenzo-palmieri09
  • @sandrea-morgan
  • @max-lyuchin
  • @stefanie-ulrike
  • Profile picture of Claire Moss
    Learning Coordinator · Leadership Director · Biomedical Scientist · Bartender · Windsurfer · Amateur Photographer
    Always looking for the next big adventure, I have spent the last 3 years travelling and working abroad. My love for learning has pushed me outside ...
  • Profile picture of Jane O'Sullivan
    Graphic Designer · Marketer · Costume Designer · Textile Designer · Visual Storyteller
    I am a designer working in London across the fields of branding, fashion and theatre. I recently graduated with a BA in Fashion Design from ...
  • Profile picture of Silvia Janska
    Innovation Advocate · Flex Work Promoter · Learning Developer · People Connector · Veterinary Surgeon
    I help modernise the veterinary industry. Alongside my clinical veterinary career, my portfolio of work has included stem cell laboratory research at Cornell University, digitising ...
  • Profile picture of Lexi Radcliffe-Hart
    Marketing Consultant · Fiction Writer · Podcast Host · Content Creator · Community Leader · Gin Expert
    I’m a wordsmith first, marketer close second. Right now, I'm focused on driving new content for our community at The Portfolio Collective. This is ...
  • Profile picture of Paul Tiller
    L&D Consultant · Professional Speaker · Business Coach & Mentor · Life Coach · Property Investor · Property Sourcer · Mindset Improver · Sports Administrator · Business Consultant · Presentation Professional
    I am a Learning and Development Consultant, Business and Life Coach with over 25 years experience and have trained and developed people in every continent. Professionally ...
  • Profile picture of Stephanie Dotto
    Writer · Creative Thinker · Storyteller · Researcher · Bookworm
    I'm passionate about stories, no matter the format. Most of my professional experience is in content marketing, focusing specifically on SEO-optimised blogs and website copy. ...

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