• Profile picture of Jen Whitfield
    Marketing Stategist · Marketing Trainer · Marketing Writer · Fiction Writer
    My current mission is working with businesses to focus their marketing; providing strategy and consultancy services, underpinned by a belief that marketing doesn't have to ...
  • Profile picture of Tatsuya Ishizu
    I Am A Japanese Language
    I started translation job and some art internship at 28-29 after that I went to Phillipine to work I started teaching career in China ...
  • @dahlia-dajani
  • Profile picture of Justin Abbott Chalew
    Technology Leader And NED
  • Profile picture of Tim Scarff
    Project Director
    A highly commercial, results-orientated Project Director with experience in operations, marketing, strategic planning, campaign and business management at a senior level in the leisure, travel, ...
  • Profile picture of Peter Simeonov
    A Serial Entrepreneur · A Startup Mentor · A Consultant & NED · The CEO Of Smart Migrator
  • Profile picture of Daniel Young
  • Profile picture of Ben Legg
    A Reinventor Of Society · A Mentor To Entrepreneurs · A Headhunter For Startups · An Investor In Startups · A Builder Of Communities
    I help entrepreneurs reinvent themselves and society for the better. My career has included relieving the siege of Sarajevo in 1995, McKinsey strategy consultant, turning around ...
  • @arshimbo
  • Profile picture of James McKerracher
    Founder Enabler Coach
    I am a senior business development specialist, NED, and board adviser. Experience in commercial leadership, strategy development and execution in financial services, interim management and ...
  • Profile picture of Alexandre Liaume
    A Product Manager · An Interior Designer · A Workflow Optimiser
    Product Management expert with 20-year experience in e-Commerce, AI, financial and content companies working mainly on mobile and desktop platforms. I also transferred my Product ...
  • Profile picture of Emma Wallace
    Brand And Product Leader · Investor · Strategic Thinker · Advisor · Writer · Problem Solver
    I am an entrepreneurial leader experienced in shaping strategy, delivering product innovation and improving operations for D2C consumer brands at start-up and international scales. ...
  • Profile picture of Tracey Rob Perera
    Start-up Business Mentor · Board Advisor/NED · Investor Ready Advisor · Strategy And Ops Advisor · Leadership Mentoring
    Board Advisor; NED; start-up Business mentor: I help you action and achieve growth in your business - scaling and running a business, I advise on ...
  • Profile picture of James Monighan
    Global Product Leader
    An entrepreneurial, customer focused product leader with significant experience of launching and scaling digital innovation products across the globe. Strong consumer & business expertise across numerous ...
  • Profile picture of Jonathan Bullock
    Business Advisor · Pragmatic Operator · Trouble-Shooter · Organizational Coach · Board Director · Angel Investor
    I’m known as "JB", and am a growth business strategy and operations adviser, executive coach, and angel investor. Currently I am involved ...
  • Profile picture of Darren Kirby
    Tech & IT Consultant · Longevity & Wellness · Angel Investor
    Creative, innovative, leader very passionate about challenging 'normal' using first principles to come up with a better way to achieve an outcome. I have over 20 ...
  • Profile picture of Ilaria Vilkelis
    Coach, Advisor · Designer & WFH Specialist · Public Speaking Expert
    Often described as generous, creative, unconventional, I am a highly experienced coach who can help you navigate crucial turning points and avoid decision making pitfalls. ...
  • Profile picture of Paul Bennett
    An International Leader · A Diversity Champion · An Organisational Expert · A Strategist · Workforce Motivator
    After a military career, I am seeking a portfolio through which to apply my experience and skills. I have a passion for motivating multi-cultural teams, ...

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