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Fireside chat: The key to articulating what you do

How do you explain your work when what you do is hard to sum up in a single word or phrase?

Telling people what you do when you have one job is easy – but what about when you have a portfolio career? How do you capture the diversity and passion of your work without diving into every little detail? It’s about selling yourself, but not too much. Differentiating yourself, whilst still being realistic. Being vulnerable without taking it too far. And finding that balance is an important act to master. 

Having a clear idea of what you do – whether that’s through your value proposition, mission statement or elevator pitch – indicates that you’ve really thought things through. It doesn’t just help others understand you; it helps you understand yourself and that can be a guiding light when you’re feeling a bit lost in uncertainty.

In April’s Fireside chat, we’re bringing together a panel of portfolio professionals who know a thing or two about selling themselves and articulating what they do. Join our Founder’s Associate Charlie Rogers and our expert panelists as they uncover their secrets, share their golden nuggets of wisdom and answer all your burning questions. 

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