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Fireside chat: The hidden benefits of building a diverse network

A strong network is one of the most overlooked assets of any portfolio career – so how do you build one that supports you in all the right ways?

Putting time and energy into your network doesn’t always feel like a priority, but when we asked our members how they find work most often, their network and referrals came out on top. Your network is incredibly important. It’s how you find opportunities, strengthen your brand and connect with others, which is a powerful way to leave an impression.

Effective networking is all about inspiring authentic connections, not swapping favours. And it shouldn’t feel targeted or calculated because the most fruitful relationships are born when you’re least expecting it. 

In July’s Fireside chat, we’re bringing together a panel of expert networkers who are well-versed in the art of connecting with their communities and bringing people together. Join our COO and co-founder Fiona Chorlton-Voong and our panelists as we discuss why you should be putting your time and energy into building a diverse network that you can lean on for support. They’ll share plenty of tips, tricks and golden nuggets of wisdom to answer all your burning questions!

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