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Fireside chat: Why learning doesn't have to be lonely

If you want to stay ahead, you've got to up your skill game – but no one said you had to do it alone!

Upskilling has never been so important, especially for portfolio professionals. In an ever-changing and rapidly competitive world, being complacent with what you have to offer can result in you getting left behind. But learning doesn’t have to be lonely. In fact, it shouldn’t be. The future of education is community, and that peer-to-peer overlap is where the true breakthrough moments thrive.

In our September Fireside event, we’re bringing together a panel of learning leaders and advocates to discuss why we should always embrace learning and lean on each other for inspiration and support. Join our Content Manager and Mentorship Programme Leader Stephanie Dotto and our expert guest speakers as they discuss the importance of continuous learning and the impact community has on personal and professional growth.

Our panel events operate as an open discussion. Pull up a seat, dive into big topics with a supportive community and gather new insights.


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