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An introduction to portfolio careers

Everything you need to know to launch a portfolio career of your own

We’ve entered an exciting entrepreneurial age where anyone with the right determination and skillset can find success through independent work. You no longer need to be tied to one role or company – rather, you can create a career that reflects the diversity of your passions and interests.

When you start a portfolio career, you take control of your future. What could be better than that?

Portfolio careers are the future booming exciting complex fulfilling

Still need some convincing? Check out what Ben has to say about portfolio careers and the future of work.

What does it mean to have a portfolio career?

Chances are you already know what a portfolio career is, you just haven’t heard it described in these terms. That’s why we created our Introduction to Portfolio Careers video led by our CEO Ben Legg. When you watch this short course, you’ll learn what it means to be a portfolio professional and how to build a successful career doing work you love.

This extensive introduction covers:

  • Why portfolio careers are booming
  • Different types of portfolio careers
  • How to turn your unique skills into paid work
  • Ways your network can lead to more opportunities
  • How to set up your business foundations
  • And much more!
Ben Legg

Led by Ben Legg
CEO & Founder of The Portfolio Collective
Former COO of Google Europe, global technology CEO, McKinsey consultant and soldier. Ben now helps entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and society.

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It’s time to launch your portfolio career

We’re on a mission to transform millions of portfolio professionals into accomplished entrepreneurs through community engagement and interactive learning. By watching our Introduction to Portfolio Careers video, you’re preparing yourself for a whole new world of paid opportunity.

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Already understand portfolio careers but need more focus?

Then our Career Focus Workshop is the perfect place for you! Led by our Head of Learning, Laura Thomas, this free workshop is designed to help you define your value and start mapping out a clear plan for your portfolio career.

Ben Legg


Ben Legg

CEO Former COO of Google Europe, global technology CEO, McKinsey consultant and soldier. Ben now helps entrepreneurs to reinvent themselves and society.

Other Organizers

Lexi Radcliffe-Hart
Lexi Radcliffe-Hart

Community Events Manager Wordsmith, marketer, community leader. Lexi loves telling stories, and helping others tell theirs. She hosts many of our events and is happiest next to the beating heart of communities.

Every Wednesday @ 4pm (UK)

60 minute workshop
Workshop fee: Free

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