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Fractional experts

Access world class expertise that fits your precise needs – faster, cheaper and with more flexibility

Why hire fractional talent?

The beauty of hiring fractional talent is that you get the experience, skills and expertise you need, all whilst avoiding the time, cost and risk it takes to hire someone full-time. 

Whether you’re the leader of a business or an independent consultant looking to augment your team, hiring someone on a fractional basis might be the solution you’ve been searching for. 

With less monetary commitment from you, but the same valuable skills and experience from them, turning to fractional experts for support seems like a no brainer! 

"I was extremely impressed with the range of candidates sent to us: the team did an excellent job understanding the brief and really honed in on our requirements. There are some incredible people in this network."

Alys Martin,

Head of People and Culture at Eave

"The Portfolio Collective has proven a great source of high quality candidates. In fact, we are currently working with three advisors that were all introduced to us via the TPC network."

Eike Post,

Co-founder at Axacty

"The process was tight and we’re delighted with the outcome. Will recommend highly to people."

Tom Fairey,

Founder and CEO at Stakester

We have world-class talent at our fingertips

Our fractional services are designed to support ambitious entrepreneurial ventures looking to hire world class senior talent on a budget. 

The TPC community is full of fractional experts ready to take on new challenges. From seasoned functional leaders, subject matter experts and experienced business builders – we will help you define what you need, then find the right experts from within our 12,000+ global members. 

How we can help you find fractional support


Define what you’re looking for

We’ll collaborate with you to define precisely what you’re looking for

Outreach & screening

Our expert team will source and screen all candidates for you

Shortlist and contract

Once you've selected the best candidate, we’ll advise on rates and draft contracts


We only charge £2,000 upfront, to help you define what you are looking for, post the opportunity in all the right places, then outreach and screen candidates. Then, once a candidate has accepted the role, 20% of any invoice paid goes to us, with 80% going to the professional. 

Find out more about what makes us different and how we can help you achieve your goals through our Venture Consulting services.

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