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Leverage the knowledge, experience and skills of our global community of 10,000 experts, leaders and business builders – to augment your team, tackle your biggest challenges and capture your most exciting opportunities

World-class mentors

Select from our diverse pool of world-class, experienced, trained, TPC accredited mentors and advisors

Fractional leaders & experts

Hire part-time experienced leaders for your business fast, reducing your fixed costs while benefitting from their experience

Consultancy services

We’ll work with you to identify, define and tackle your biggest opportunities and challenges 

Permanent hires

We’ll help you define your complete senior talent needs, then - for open roles - deliver an awesome candidate shortlist in 2-3 weeks

Building a successful new venture can be daunting. That’s where we can help!

Through our Venture Consulting services, we can solve your biggest problems, with a highly flexible approach. Whether you need to develop your route to market, pivot, raise funding or reorganise your senior team, we can support you.

With a community of 10,000 seasoned experts and leaders from the startup, scaleup and big tech ecosystem at our fingertips, we’ll match you to the best mentors, fractional experts and senior leaders to help take your business to new levels of success. 

Our work with CloudNC

A great example of how we can support you, can be found in our case study with CloudNC. We’ve supported CloudNC on their journey from Series A to Series B and beyond, by building their senior team, hiring fractional roles and mentoring their CEO. 

Our community

Our community comprises 10,000 senior portfolio professionals, with experience and networks across all geographies, industries and business functions. They thrive at helping CEOs and their teams build awesome companies that can change the world for the better. 

If you’re a professional keen to join our smart, diverse, collaborative community, why not become a member? Sign up, start networking and reach out to other members for collaborations – you’ll never be alone again. 

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