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GLG is a global insights company that connects industry experts with investors and businesses looking for experts with deep and unique insights in particular industries, technologies, geographical areas or regulatory changes.

What is GLG?

Ranging from consultancy relationships to 60-minute research calls, GLG offers a variety of opportunities for portfolio professionals with deep and unique insights or expertise. You can take part in phone calls, in-person events and online surveys that are paid at a decent hourly rate.

Who is GLG suitable for?

You won’t get many calls each month, so think of this as flexible ‘tuck-in’ assignments to supplement your other income streams.

During sign up, you’ll complete a profile that explains your expertise in greater detail. From there, the GLG team sends you email notifications every time a relevant opportunity pops up. Many of their clients are financial services firms, so being able to educate investors (e.g. about revenue/ profit opportunities for specific companies and risks) is beneficial. In order to be considered for roles you must be able to provide valuable insights into your current or past industries. Having your finger on the pulse of the most recent quarterly trends is a major plus. Note that you can’t talk about your current employer or clients.

The pros

  • You can upload your CV or submit your LinkedIn page to complete your profile
  • Once you’ve signed up, you’re contacted about relevant projects – meaning you don’t have to constantly check for opportunities yourself
  • There’s a nice referral scheme where you can earn $100 if a person you refer completes a project within 6 months

The cons

  • Payment is made via a third party, so if disputes occur they can go unresolved
  • New ‘unknown’ experts may get a low volume of call requests at the beginning
  • The screening process when pitching for projects can take 10-15 minutes per opportunity (hint – use Briskine templates to reduce this repetitive process to 5 minutes)

What’s it like for applicants?

When you sign up, you undergo a compliance tutorial before you can make use of the platform. This takes a while to complete and can feel repetitive at times. But you don’t have to complete it all in one sitting – you can exit out and return where you left off later.

Once you’ve finished onboarding, the Network Member platform is very clear and slick, enabling you to access all your information quickly and simply.

There’s an option to enrol to Member Programmes (a free process that involves getting your employers’ consent) which opens up additional opportunities.

When setting your pay level, it is noted that the typical hourly rate across GLG’s Network Membership is $175. However, they may be lowballing – we’ve heard of people charging a range between $100-1,500 per hour.

Trustpilot score:

Typical Trustpilot reviews:

  • GLG has a friendly and helpful team that support an excellent community of experts
  • Once you have a proven track record with GLG, the opportunities can become numerous and financially rewarding
  • Extensive and detailed screening questions are asked up front for projects, with no work then forthcoming, giving the impression that this is a method to gather insights for free
  • Payment is not made following disputes around completion of work

How to apply for roles with GLG

If you’re interested in exploring GLG’s opportunities, you’ll first need to join their network and complete your profile.

Here at The Portfolio Collective, we also have plenty of consultative roles listed on our opportunities page and shared through our community. If you’re interested in getting matched with relevant roles when they come up, we also encourage you to complete your TPC profile to ensure you’re found and tagged for those opportunities.

If you have additional insights on this platform, please email [email protected].

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