Portfolio careers

Do the work you’re passionate about on your own terms

The new generation of entrepreneur; a path for those who want to indulge in multiple passions - and get paid to do it!

What is a portfolio career?

Portfolio careers are notoriously difficult to define – that’s because each one is unique. You get to decide what to focus on, who to work with and how often. There’s no set rulebook you have to follow.

Although, it definitely helps to have a guide to build from. That’s why we created our free Introduction to Portfolio Careers video hosted by our CEO and cofounder Ben Legg. Watch our 3-minute teaser and we’ll send the full length version straight to your inbox.

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The four most common types of portfolio careers

You juggle a diverse mix of projects (often at the same time).

You make extra money from passion projects outside your day job.

You’re self-employed and work on a short term project or contract basis.

Your expertise is highly specialised – and you charge top rates for it!

Not sure which path is right for you?

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