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Ready to embrace flexibility, autonomy and freedom? With a portfolio career you’re the one in charge.

What is a portfolio career?

A working style that allows you to make money in several different ways, whilst focusing on work that you’re passionate about.

Synonyms: Solopreneur, independent worker, squiggly careerist

Every portfolio professional is different, but here are four types of portfolio career that pop up time and time again:


You juggle a diverse mix of unrelated projects (often all at the same time)

Side hustler

You make extra money from passion projects outside of your day job


You’re self-employed and work on a short term project or contract basis

Focused expert

Your expertise is highly specialised; you charge top rates for it and monetise it in many ways

How our community defines theirs

Read how Shalaka, Jake and Alex characterise their portfolio careers in the articles below:

Not sure which path is right for you?

If you’re unsure of how you can make a portfolio career work for you, come to our Get Started call, where we’ll answer your questions, share resources and help you find your way. See you there?

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