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How to achieve career success through an inspiring community

In the grand scheme of things, portfolio careers are a pretty new concept to a lot of people. Sure, the term’s been around since the 90s, but many professionals became wise to the portfolio career path during the pandemic. In fact, it’s only in the past year have we seen the phrase become more commonplace. … Continued

Social investment with an impact: Roshana’s story

Throughout her entire career, Roshana Arasaratnam has been on a mission to help financial professionals move money for good. That has meant working with both private and public sector organisations on investments that could positively impact the world – and she wasn’t the only one with this desire to change the way we think about … Continued

A path of learning and exploration: Toni’s story

For over two decades, Toni Mitchell’s professional life revolved around one company. Though she moved through different roles and departments, she knew she wanted something more – to explore the diversity of organisations and causes out there in the world. Now, she’s entering a new phase as a portfolio professional, feeling her way through the … Continued

Inspiring a new generation of leaders: Izabela’s story

When Izabela Wlodarska first moved to the UK, she had no idea the sort of leadership path she would end up on, or that the pandemic would inspire her to launch a business. Nearly two decades in retail fuelled her passion for working with people. Now, she’s embarking on a whole new mission – helping … Continued

Finding purpose and perspective: Conrad’s story

Every meaningful career sparks from a passion. For some, it takes years to articulate that passion and discover the right path. For others, it’s crystal clear from the day they step into the working world. We all have our own journeys and means of development – what’s important is building a career that really means … Continued

Everything starts with you: Linh’s story

Making the move from a competitive corporate finance career to one where mindfulness is present in every part of your life may seem like a leap, but for Viet Linh Le it was the natural next step. Now as a coach focusing on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, she leads a life that is true to … Continued

Why Catapult is an investment in your future

To have a successful portfolio career, you really need to look deep into yourself and discover who you are and how you will add value to the world – not just in a way that pays the bills but in a way that provides you with deep personal satisfaction. It’s about understanding your brand story, … Continued

Always striving for adventure: Heather’s story

How often do you follow your passions? Are they embedded in your everyday life or do you tuck them aside for those out-of-office moments between Zoom calls and client pitches? Just imagine how happy you’d be if you channelled all that drive and energy into building a portfolio career shaped by the things you love. … Continued

Fighting for a better world: Grace’s story

Sometimes passion can lead us in exciting and unexpected directions. For Grace Olson-Davidson, a love for musical theatre and performance drove her to build connections with people both on and off the stage. She always knew she wanted a life in the arts, but she never expected to find a parallel path in sales and … Continued

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