Are crowdfunds really worth it? Lessons learned from the trenches

There’s a certain mythic aura that surrounds the notion of the crowdfund – a fairytale of the  purpose-driven startup getting boosted to astounding levels of success on the shoulders of its passionate and devoted fans. For some businesses, that does happen – for example when Monzo Bank raised £1million in just 96 seconds. However, for … Continued

Side hustles: when to start paying tax

According to a recent report by Airtasker, 46%of workers in Britain currently have a side hustle. In the US, that number sits at roughly 34%, with 61 million people planning on launching a side business at some point this year. It’s a growing means of revenue generation that allows you to monetise your passions, whilst maintaining your … Continued

Money, time and growth: how to plan a portfolio career

In a world that we don’t understand but need to explain, anxiety often acts as the driving force behind our decisions. Uncertainty can paralyse us, especially with career choices. Perhaps it’s that awareness of uncertainty that makes people either question or delay the inevitable transition to self-employment.But you can’t let the fear of the unknown … Continued

Things that may be limiting your sales pipeline

Nobody ever said looking after your sales pipeline was going to be easy, but it doesn’t have to be complicated. Once you get the initial foundations in place, it’s simply a case of keeping information and processes up-to-date. As your portfolio business and reputation grows, so too will your client list, which is why it’s … Continued

How to keep on top of taxes as a portfolio professional

Tax: it’s a word that sends chills down the spine of both veterans and newcomers in the world of self-employment. But what if we told you that tax didn’t need to be so scary? At Crunch, we’ve been helping sole traders and limited company directors manage their tax obligations for over ten years. Tax-efficiency is our … Continued

How much should you charge for portfolio work?

Expertise is valuable. So is a fresh perspective. So is flexibility. I could go on. As a focused portfolio professional you bring all of that and more to your clients, so why shouldn’t you be charging a decent rate for your services? However, determining what you’re worth isn’t easy, especially if you’ve only recently made … Continued

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