How to build an effective (and memorable) personal brand

The pandemic gave professionals everywhere an opportunity to rethink their career paths. We have seen more and more successful professionals and executives reinventing themselves, spinning up side hustles and launching portfolio careers. These changes require storytelling, and the people that stand out do so because they differentiate themselves; they put their story and passions at the … Continued

Why we should start calling full-time roles ‘main gigs’

Ask anyone from our parent’s or grandparent’s generation what their definition of career success is and they’d say a steady job and a regular paycheck. That once meant delivering 40+ hours a week for a single, ‘respectable’ organisation in the hopes that your employer would look after your career (and pension) in return for your … Continued

The rise of the coworking and flo-working space

The term ‘coworking’ doesn’t have a long history, but it’s certainly a topic on the tip of many people’s tongues. A quick search of the available thought leadership indicates a global market value of anywhere from $8 billion to $26 billion, and that was back in 2019 before COVID-19 inspired a rapid rise in flexible … Continued

How to build a values-driven career

There’s no hard fast rule that says you shouldn’t love what you do for a living, yet so many people fall into work that doesn’t inspire them – nearly 50% of people, in fact. It’s a sobering realisation, knowing that a third of your life is spent working. So why shouldn’t you build something that … Continued

Welcome to the side hustle economy

The pandemic turned the world on its head in more ways than one. The way we communicate, the way we socialise, the way we work – it all changed. So did the way we value our time. Suddenly, we were faced with an abundance of that time, and that meant people were able to shift … Continued

Is it time for you to join the Great Resignation?

The pandemic forced a massive paradigm shift in the way we think about work. Before COVID, working from home was considered a perk, and having a side hustle seen as a distraction. Having just one job, for one employer – effectively being a corporate servant, in the office five days per week – was expected. … Continued

How will AI affect independent professionals?

We’re only just starting to discover the full potential of artificial intelligence (AI). Over the last decade, it’s become such an integrated part of our working culture and lives in general – we use AI in predictive text on our mobile phones and in email; it determines what we engage with on social media and … Continued

Why do so many Xooglers have portfolio careers?

It’s hard to think about where your career can go after working for a tech pioneer like Google. The work is stimulating, the people are smart, the brand is massive, the environment is nurturing and the culture is hard to replicate. That’s why so many Googlers with itchy feet find themselves wondering what the next … Continued

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