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Facing, embracing and reframing imposter syndrome

Picture this. You’ve spent years building up your professional expertise. You put in the grind, established a solid reputation and now people are starting to turn to you as the go-to expert in your field. They’re asking you to lead talks, join panels, take part in conferences and mentor others, and they’re paying big money … Continued

The digital nomad workforce is here. Are you ready to join?

There was a time when the notion of working from the sandy shores of a tropical island felt like a pipedream – a fantasy world for stargazers and romantics. It was hard to believe we could live the lives that influencers led, snuggled cosy in a hammock with a laptop overlooking a crystal blue sea. … Continued

Fed up with the corporate grind? It’s time to make a change

There’s nothing worse than hating your job. It’s an all-consuming feeling; one that infects every corner of your life. When you’re unhappy at work, you carry that frustration and anxiety with you. It’s always at the back of your mind, putting a strain on your relationships, your passions and your ambition. So why do so … Continued

How to build a values-driven career

There’s no hard fast rule that says you shouldn’t love what you do for a living, yet so many people fall into work that doesn’t inspire them – nearly 50% of people, in fact. It’s a sobering realisation, knowing that a third of your life is spent working. So why shouldn’t you build something that … Continued

When (and how) to say no to a client

Most people are drawn to the portfolio lifestyle because of the freedom it offers. You’re in control of your career, making you the ultimate decision maker – you choose when to work, who to work with, and, most importantly, when to say no. Yes, there is an element of client pleasing required, but ultimately you … Continued

Everything starts with you: Linh’s story

Making the move from a competitive corporate finance career to one where mindfulness is present in every part of your life may seem like a leap, but for Viet Linh Le it was the natural next step. Now as a coach focusing on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, she leads a life that is true to … Continued

4 Ways to create a more eco-friendly home office

With the traditional office fast becoming a thing of the past, more people are embracing work from home options, especially those with portfolio lifestyles. Not only is it more cost-effective to work from home – which makes all the difference amidst the rising cost of living – but it’s actually better for the environment. In … Continued

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