Money, time and growth: how to plan a portfolio career

In a world that we don’t understand but need to explain, anxiety often acts as the driving force behind our decisions. Uncertainty can paralyse us, especially with career choices. Perhaps it’s that awareness of uncertainty that makes people either question or delay the inevitable transition to self-employment.But you can’t let the fear of the unknown … Continued

How to manage your time more efficiently

Time management can be tricky, particularly when you have a portfolio career. You have the freedom to choose what you work on, who you work with and when you do your work – and that can quickly complicate any schedule. Sure, there are deadlines to be met, but the flexible and often unstructured nature of … Continued

How to balance a side hustle with your day job

It’s never been easier to start a business, which is why so many people are joining the side hustle economy. But how do you manage a side hustle without leaving your day job and, by extension, that steady income you rely on, behind? The good news is that balancing both is totally achievable and increasingly … Continued

When (and how) to say no to a client

Most people are drawn to the portfolio lifestyle because of the freedom it offers. You’re in control of your career, making you the ultimate decision maker – you choose when to work, who to work with, and, most importantly, when to say no. Yes, there is an element of client pleasing required, but ultimately you … Continued

4 Ways to create a more eco-friendly home office

With the traditional office fast becoming a relic of the past, more people are embracing work from home options, especially those with portfolio lifestyles. Not only is it more cost-effective to work from home, but it’s actually better for the environment.In fact, studies have shown that working from home for even just one day a … Continued

Five work from home habits for better mental health

For portfolio professionals, remote working has always been a major part of our lives. Whether that’s in a home office, a coffee shop, or a coworking space, one of the benefits of being self employed is the flexibility to work where you want much of the time. Or, at least it was. When the pandemic … Continued

10 great productivity tools for portfolio professionals

Procrastination—it’s that monster constantly lingering over your shoulder, tempting you everytime you hear the ping of a WhatsApp message or the buzz of a push notification you haven’t checked yet. We’re all guilty of getting distracted. We let our minds wander when we know there are more important tasks at hand.And though it’s healthy to … Continued

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