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TPC Founding Members

A staunch and steadfast group who go above and beyond for our community – and the reason The Portfolio Collective is the thriving space it is today.

What does it mean to receive Founding membership?

When you become a Founding Member, you join a tight-knit inner circle of highly engaged portfolio professionals; one that we turn to when we need advice, in-depth feedback and support launching new initiatives. You also become someone who is a trusted face of TPC, sharing our views and values with the outside world.

In return, we’ll offer you a free lifetime Pioneer membership, invitations to exclusive events and unique insights into TPC’s growth. In other words, you’re a friend for life.

Who are our Founding Members?

The early adopters

who’ve been with us since the beginning, providing feedback all the way

The content creators

who design and deliver important courses and events

The leading investors

who’ve invested at least £10,000 into TPC

The superfans

who engage most with our community, courses and events

I've loved being part of the community since I first joined. I was so impressed by TPC's values and ambitions that I decided to invest in the organisation. To then be invited to work with the wider team was both exciting and rewarding: I now feel as if I've not only benefitted from TPC's approach to collaboration but also have opportunities to support TPC's wider mission.

Maria Evans

Maria Evans

Founding member

Help us provide an exciting future for portfolio professionals

Keen to become a Founding Member? Let us know how you can help our community thrive. Or maybe you’d like to invest £10k or more in our growth? Either way, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line at [email protected].

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