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Our story

We launched The Portfolio Collective in July 2020 because the world of work was changing fast. Professionals didn’t want to be tied to traditional employment – they wanted to embrace the freedom, flexibility and higher earnings a portfolio career has to offer. So we set out to help the workforce understand the possibilities of portfolio work and accelerate that transition as a mutually supportive community. 

That desire for independence has only grown stronger since then, with 71% of successful professionals no longer wanting to be tied to working at a single company in the future.

Our mission is simple. We’re here to help those professionals understand, launch, manage and grow successful portfolio careers.

What we've accomplished so far...


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5-star reviews on Trustpilot

"I love The Portfolio Collective. Such a warm, welcoming community of like-minded portfolio professionals supporting each other with their portfolio career journeys."

Mike Richardson

Mike Richardson

Speaker, leader, coach, mentor (and investor in TPC)

We're growing fast...

The number one way we get new sign ups is through community member referrals and recommendations. People love the community, so they invite their friends. In the last year alone, new member sign ups increased by 56% and that was mostly driven by word of mouth (with some help from our SEO too!). 

Our net revenue is growing even faster. By Q2 of this year, our net revenue of £114k will be up 500% compared to last year, making us profitable by mid-2024. This is driven by membership and course fees, along with the demand for mentors, fractional professionals and other services provided by our members to clients. 

…and we help our clients do the same

A great example of our community’s ability to support entrepreneurial organisations is our work with CloudNC, an autonomous manufacturing company. Since 2021 we’ve helped shape their strategy and organisation. This includes placing 11 portfolio professionals and full-time leaders in their team to support their scale from Series A to Series B and beyond.

Meet some of our incredible community

We’ve got a growing community of over 11,000 members. Here’s a quick peek into some of the wonderful professionals that make up our community.

The most trusted source of independent professionals

Our client sweet spot is mid-sized companies (20-200 employees) and there are over 600k of them in Europe and North America alone. We want TPC to be the best source of fractional leaders, experts and teams to support those entrepreneurial ventures. This often starts by matching each client with a trusted advisor from our accredited mentor pool, which then leads to a diverse range of other work opportunities coming to TPC members.

It's safe to say we've got 'unicorn' potential

As the way of working continues to change and more individuals begin to embrace flexible work and portfolio careers, we want to be the go-to place to help those professionals succeed. We’re currently the world’s largest community of portfolio professionals and intend to keep it that way.

With revenue from memberships, courses, advertising and client support, TPC has the potential to generate annual EBITDA of over £100 million within 5-10 years, which would likely lead to a valuation of over £1 billion.

What difference would your investment make?

Help us build faster and better. Your investment would go towards:


To improve the user experience and provide better collaboration tools


To acquire members faster and expand our US footprint


To upskill and accredit more members for in-demand skills


To enable our members to run their own events and courses

Invest before our Seed raise and receive a 10% discount

If you invest now via an Advanced Subscription Agreement (ASA)* your investment will convert into TPC shares at a 10% lower valuation than that agreed to by the next institutional investors. For example, if we were to agree on a valuation of £10m, then a 10% discount would mean that your investment would be at a pre-money valuation of £9m

If no institutional investors invest within six months of your investment, then your investment will convert into TPC shares at a company valuation of £10m (the current valuation). 

To help us manage the administration of multiple shareholders, the minimum investment is £5,000.

Help us revolutionise how the world works.

Invest £5,000

you will also receive a lifetime Pioneer Lite membership.

Invest £10,000

You’ll also get a lifetime Pioneer Lite membership plus Founding Member status.

*We are taking investments via an Advance Subscription Agreement (ASA) using the Seedlegals platform. This is the UK equivalent of a US ‘SAFE’.
Capital at risk.

To register your interest in investing and to receive the latest version of our investor deck, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with more details. 

Capital at risk

Meet our founders

Ben Legg
Ben is an engineer, global technology CEO, ex-McKinsey consultant, and the former COO of Google Europe, as well as an award-winning author and acknowledged thought leader on the future of society. In addition to building TPC, he also has a successful portfolio career supporting founders and investors. His passion is building a global ecosystem of professionals and entrepreneurs that together reinvents society for the better. 

Fiona Chorlton-Voong
Fiona is responsible for TPC’s growth through marketing, operations, strategy and brand. She has a talent for leveraging technology along with an insatiable drive to help others succeed, and believes in the power of community to achieve this. Before co-founding TPC, Fiona had a varied career starting in fashion at LVMH , before moving into the tech world. With a portfolio career of her own, Fiona coaches female entrepreneurs and helps businesses to connect with audience through building strong and memorable brands. 

Our team

Supporting our co-founders is our incredible team – you can meet them all here. As we scale, we are creating new positions, as well as involving community members to increase capabilities.

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