Accelerate new ways of working

By investing in The Portfolio Collective

There’s a drastic change happening in the world of white collar work. Startups and big companies alike are challenging the need for full-time, permanent employees. They want to accelerate hiring, tap into global expertise, maintain flexibility and reduce fixed costs. This is why more businesses are turning to freelancers, consultants, interims and other experts for hire.

Demand for these portfolio professionals is growing fast. That’s why we’re on a mission to build the world’s largest community for portfolio professionals. Your investment can help make that future a reality.

Building the new economy

A portfolio professional is someone who monetises their skills and knowledge in a multitude of ways, as opposed to just having one job. They operate remotely and are not limited by geography, which means they can work with clients anywhere in the world.

According to the OECD, there will be roughly 160 million portfolio professionals by 2030. We’re determined to educate and support those people as they navigate their way towards more fulfilling careers.

Since launching The Portfolio Collective, we’ve met thousands of aspiring and seasoned portfolio professionals. For most independent workers, finding success can be complex and lonely. So we created a professional community that supports them to learn, collaborate and find work.

Why invest in The Portfolio Collective?

We call ourselves a “lifetime accelerator” because we’ve built a social platform that provides hands-on support through learning, community, collaboration, and well-matched work opportunities.

Since our launch in July 2020 we’ve had 75,000 unique visitors and 3,500 people signing up for our events, courses, and our online community.

In 2022, we’re planning on scaling and automating our talent matching service for startups and scaleups (where the demand is overwhelming) plus launching tools for our members to setup virtual companies to take on more complex projects. In other words, this is just the beginning of a revolution in how white collar work gets done. 

We estimate that – at scale and with full monetisation in place – a typical monthly visitor would generate over £50 in revenue per year and stay for three years, giving a lifetime value of £150. Due to strong SEO and referrals, our marketing costs are low and we’re currently acquiring repeat users for around £5. As we scale our visitors into the millions, this has strong unicorn potential. With your investment, we can drive these initiatives even further.

We have raised £500,000 to date, and are now focused on the next stage of fundraising – a crowdfund, in which our members and other angel investors will get an opportunity to invest.

There are two ways you can invest

Join our crowdfund

In October 2021 we’re launching a crowdfunding campaign via Seedrs, a leading crowdfunding platform. This allows us to get the word out to lots of angel investors, regardless of the investment amount. You can register your interest by clicking the button below.

Invest early with an ASA

Crowdfunds can oversubscribe, so if you want to guarantee your investment you can invest early. With an Advance Subscription Agreement (ASA) you can invest your money now, then we’ll convert that into shares with the same terms during our next funding round (valuation to be determined during that round).

To help us manage the administration of multiple shareholders, the minimum investment through this mechanism is £25,000.

Our community at a glance

  • Geography in size order: UK, USA, Germany, India, South Africa, Netherlands, Canada, Spain, Portugal
  • Age: 80% are aged 30-55 (mid-career)
  • Gender: 50% male, 50% female
  • Education: 80% have professional degrees (engineering, law, veterinary, medicine, architecture, MBA, etc) from top 20% universities
  • Professional backgrounds: Big company execs (ex-Google, Facebook, WPP, Barclays), startup C-level execs, military officers, journalists, etc.
  • Type of portfolio careers in order of size:
    • Startup/ scaleup c-level execs (interim, part-time)
    • B2B consultant / project manager
    • Exec coach / mentor / counsellor
    • Technical specialist (SEO, legal expert, fundraiser, branding expert, etc)
    • Entrepreneur (using a portfolio career as a stepping stone towards founding a company)
    • Creative (writer, video maker, designer, etc)
    • Angel investor & NED board member

Meet our founders

Ben Legg
Ben is an engineer, proven global technology CEO, McKinsey consultant, and the former COO of Google Europe, as well as an award-winning author and acknowledged thought leader on the future of society. He has mentored dozens of smart, ambitious people for decades, and now wants to do so at an industrial scale.

Fiona Chorlton-Voong
Fiona studied design at Central Saint Martins before working in fashion (LVMH). She then branched out to work in VCs and startups, most recently as COO of HighNetWork, a professional networking platform.

Jesús Iniesta

Jesus is a genius engineer who started his career at Telefonica before building the technology platforms for Hackajob and HighNetWork. He built our entire platform single handedly in three months – check it out.

We also have 11 additional team members and several open positions we’re looking to fill in the coming months.

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