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Escape the City

Escape the city is a job board and expert-led community for purpose-driven work and progressive employers.

What is Escape the City:

Since 2010, Escape the City has been helping professionals leave the corporate world behind and find meaningful work they’re passionate about. They’re all about connecting you with projects you believe in and with organisations that do things differently – i.e. employ ethical practices, ensure social impact, apply a people-first approach, etc.

Who is Escape the City suitable for?

If you’re eager to work with progressive organisations, change careers or even start a business, Escape the City may have the resources you need to shape a more meaningful career path. It’s a good platform for anyone who wants to redress or maintain their work/life balance in whatever way is important to them.

This organisation could be a good starting point for those looking to make the move away from a traditional working style and explore the options available, both project-based and otherwise.

The pros

  • Sign up takes one minute, with the option to populate your profile later, so you can start exploring opportunities sooner
  • The platform enables you to follow companies you’d like to work with so that you’re alerted any time they post a role
  • They offer courses, programmes and resources to support those looking to escape their current position

The cons

  • Roles are mostly junior and full-time, so if you are more senior and interested in part-time or project based opportunities, you will have to dig around
  • There’s no defined specialism for roles, so many jobs aren’t relevant if you have a specific skill set
  • Application methods vary, with some referring you to the employer’s website and others asking you to fill out a short form directly on the platform – though you can share your profile, you also need to submit a CV/ resume and covering note

What’s it like for applicants?

The website is clear and simple to navigate, and the tags feature on the job listings is helpful for finding the right role for you. Application experiences will vary depending on whether the role was listed directly by a client or via Escape the city.

Once you sign up, you’ll get regular emails that feature jobs of interest and highlight resources to help those looking to make a career change.

Trustpilot Score:

Typical Trustpilot reviews:

  • The reviews are mostly about courses run by the organisation
  • There aren’t any reviews – positive or negative – about the job search functionality, which would lead you to assume that users are generally ‘fine’ with their job search experience

How to apply for roles with Escape the City

You can view the current opportunities without creating a profile. Signing up is easy – it only takes 60 seconds to create an account.

Here at The Portfolio Collective, we also have plenty of consultative roles listed on our opportunities page and shared through our community. If you’re interested in getting matched with relevant roles when they come up, we also encourage you to complete your TPC profile to ensure you’re found and tagged for those opportunities.

If you have additional insights on this platform, please email [email protected].

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