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Otta is a job board designed with user experience at the forefront, helping skilled professionals interested in the tech sector, find the roles best suited to their interests.

What is Otta?

Otta promises to feature jobs from ‘exciting, innovative and fast-moving companies’ of all sizes and traction that are suited to your skills and interests. Working with young businesses at the point they really take off, Otta curates a list of interesting and exciting opportunities, perfect for gaining the experience you need in order to expand your offerings as a portfolio professional. 

Who is Otta suitable for?

Those looking to be part of a tech startup or innovative company at the point of ‘exponential growth’. 

The Pros

  • The job listings are thorough and clearly laid out so you can get a good holistic understanding of the role. Each listing includes a person specification, job description and interview process outline, alongside a company summary including values, mission, people, links to external resources and ‘Otta’s take’.
  • This platform offers both a desktop function and an easy-to-use app to keep on top of your applications, as well as an eye on new opportunities.

The Cons

  • You are unable to filter based on contract type ie. full-time, part-time, or fractional and this information is not available in the jobs listings.
  • You enter your pay expectations as part of your profile creation and are informed that you’ll have irrelevant roles filtered for you based on this, however not all job listings disclose salary information.

What’s it like for applicants?

During sign-up, there are several questions you must answer to be able to see available roles. These are designed to ensure you are only shown opportunities that are relevant to you, so include queries around top priorities when looking for a role, industries and tech you like or dislike, as well as the standard location, expertise and skills.

When you apply for a role that is handled by Otta, you use a builder to create your application. This allows you to showcase your skills and experience a little differently, as well as incorporate your LinkedIn account, CV and a relevant cover note. Once you have done this once, it forms your profile, which is then used each time you apply for an opportunity, making changes where needed. 

The whole platform is slick and attractive, with easy-to-use features and enhanced information, promoting confidence in users.

Trustpilot Score:

What people are saying:

  • Easy to access the information you want to see
  • Users are kept up to date with a steady stream of jobs 
  • Great roles have been gained via this platform

How to apply for roles with Otta

You can sign up for Otta here. The more thought you put into the questions you will be asked, the better the job recommendations will be. 

Most TPC clients are similar-stage entrepreneurial businesses, looking to take on talent to support their growth aims – so keep an eye on our job board to ensure you don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity. If you’re interested in getting matched with relevant future opportunities when they come up, complete your TPC profile to ensure you’re found and tagged for those opportunities. You can learn how to build a strong TPC profile in this article.

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