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PeoplePerHour is an online marketplace connecting freelancers with clients who need their specific skills.

What is PeoplePerHour?

This platform enables freelancers to create a profile with associated ‘Offers’ which clients search through, sorted by discipline, in order to find the best provider for their needs.

Who is PeoplePerHour suitable for?

PeoplePerHour is geared towards remote freelancers, broadly categorised under the following headings:

  • Technology and programming
  • Writing and translation
  • Design
  • Digital marketing
  • Video, photo and image
  • Business
  • Music and audio
  • Marketing, branding and sales
  • Social media 

The Pros

  • You can create as many ‘offers’ as you wish, broadening your proposition without having to adhere to word count limits in your profile.
  • Pay for projects can be listed prominently so it is clear what level of expectation sellers have for the work to be undertaken.
  • Both buyers and sellers have ratings and statistics regarding work undertaken made clear so you can pick who you work with.

The Cons

  • Payments are held in escrow pending confirmation of the job being complete from the buyer, therefore payment is reliant on the buyer being timely (and honest) in ‘accepting’ your work.
  • Service fees are high, with low earners being charged 20% on earnings. Therefore, to see better returns you need to invest time in the platform to earn more to achieve the lower service fee rates.

What’s it like for applicants?

Sign-up involves an application process that takes around 3 minutes if you have a bio to hand. You can choose to have your application reviewed within a day for a £10 fee. Alternatively, you can wait a week for the review to happen. In our experience, the review process happened within 24 hours without paying the fee.  

Once you’re in, you can participate either passively, by awaiting buyers approaching you directly, or actively by pitching for jobs posted by buyers. Buyers can either request a specific piece of work via your ‘Offers’ or send you a ‘Proposal’ which you can choose to accept or reject. When sending a pitch for a project there is an opportunity to request clarification before making your submission, to ensure you understand the full scope of the work.

Trustpilot Score:

What people are saying:

  • Both freelancers and buyers have commented on the payment process not being smooth, often sitting with PeoplePerHour with no communication.
  • Several mentions of time wasted over substandard adverts and/or unsuitable applications to adverts.

How to apply for roles with PeoplePerHour

You can apply to join PeoplePerHour here. Consider what you would like to list as your ‘offers’ as these snippets are what buyers use to select freelancers when searching.

Here at The Portfolio Collective (TPC) plenty of peer-to-peer searches are made with members looking for collaborators. To be found for work and collaborations here at TPC, ensure you build a strong TPC profile using this handy guide.

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