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The CFO Centre

The CFO Centre is a fractional recruitment agency specialising in the placement of part-time CFOs & Finance Directors.

What is The CFO Centre?

Since 2001 The CFO Centre has been placing experienced finance leaders in businesses that ‘don’t want, don’t need and probably can’t afford a full-time CFO/FD’. They expect their candidates to act as advisors and strategists to their clients, forging strong relationships beyond those expected of a traditional CFO role.

Who is The CFO Centre suitable for?

This platform is designed for individuals who have qualified from a UK-based major chartered accounting institution and have undertaken at least one CFO or FD role previously.

The Pros

  • All roles are hybrid or remote.
  • The team runs regular webinars for potential candidates considering joining their talent pool.
  • Everyone we have interviewed so far has received at least one paying role, so they do seem to have decent dealflow.

The Cons

  • The fee structure is rigid – clients pay £1,500 per day, so there is little room to negotiate more or offer less. 
  • Margins are high – the CFO Centre keeps 40% of whatever is billed, leaving £900 for the professional. 
  • Once you accept work via this platform, you are (unofficially) locked into a contract with them, with little flexibility in gaining work via other avenues.
  • If a client wishes to hire you permanently, following a successful period of temporary employment, the CFO Centre charges a fee of around 30% of your annual salary, like an old-school headhunter.  

What’s it like for applicants?

All candidates are self-employed, with the CFO Centre operating on a talent match basis. The roles that are listed on their site are purely application portals to the relevant talent pools, with suitable roles being sent to you via the team thereafter. You are allocated a regional Talent Partner who acts as your agent, putting you forward for roles and negotiating agreements with clients when successful. 


Trustpilot Score:

Typical Trustpilot reviews:

  • Without reviews it is difficult to say, but we have members landing paid work via the platform, which is good, but often citing the above listed cons. 

How to apply for roles with The CFO Centre

You can register here, at which point you are able to either create your profile or explore the opportunities available. Profile creation involves uploading your CV and writing a short pitch, plus filling out some basic details around years of experience, location and qualification.

Here at The Portfolio Collective, we often handle fractional CFO roles, so do check out our job board to see if there is anything suitable for you listed. If you’re interested in getting matched with relevant future opportunities when they come up, we also encourage you to complete your TPC profile to ensure you’re found and tagged for those opportunities.

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