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VirtualNonExecs is a paid community, focused on getting their members NED roles across a variety of sectors.

What is VirtualNonExecs?

This is a community of C-suite professionals, with a platform providing access to various chat feeds, events, resources and vacancy listings. Depending on your level of paid membership, you may also have access to their CV analysis tool, a job board aggregator and access to Board.Ai.

VirtualNonExecs’ purpose is to support their members in finding their first NED role or growing their portfolio of NED roles by educating, connecting and talent matching. 

Who is VirtualNonExecs suitable for?

Anyone who has C-suite experience looking to take on one or more Non-Executive Director roles.

The Pros

  • If two or more fellow community members that you have worked with ‘endorse’ your skills, your profile is given a banner and prioritised in listings and searches.
  • There are dedicated investor areas and tags throughout the platform, making it simple for those looking to invest or be invested in to locate relevant connections.
  • The search function can review your uploaded CV in addition to your profile to ensure you appear in all relevant searches.

The Cons

  • Some roles are listed as having a location due to the format of the job listing, but they are actually remote, making it a manual task to identify if roles are suitable for you geographically.

What’s it like for applicants?

Your first decision is whether to take the Lite (free), Lifetime (£149 + VAT one off payment) or Networker Pro (£149 + VAT one off payment + £347 + VAT annually) membership. While you are an accessible community member via the free service, there are enhanced features with the paid services, such as invites to additional events, access to the community hub and magazine subscription, that can lead to increased exposure should you engage with the platform. 

Signing up requires some basic information in order to create a discoverable profile in searches. You have the option to further populate your profile later in order to improve your chances of being found and hired.

There are four routes to work via this platform, either via applying to jobs listed on the job boards, peer to peer referrals, being approached directly by clients or the VirtualNonExecs team matching your talent with roles they manage. Your experience differs with each route.

Trustpilot Score:

What people are saying:

  • The community of professionals is of a high calibre, with many engagements being made via the platform.
  • The system is easy to use and regularly evolving to supply additional features.
  • Negative reviews are around lack of communication, but most of these are responded to by the VirtualNonExecs teams.

How to apply for roles with VirtualNonExecs

Join the VirtualNonExecs community here – have a short bio, work experience outline and picture to hand to make this quick.

If you’re considering a non-executive director position as part of your portfolio career, have a read of our articles on everything you need to know about NED board roles and how to land an NED role to help you prepare. To make yourself as visible as possible on the TPC platform for NED roles that arise, make sure to complete your profile using our handy guide.

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