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WorkinStartups is a job board and platform that helps young businesses find the talent they need to succeed.

What is WorkinStartups?

WorkinStartups is arguably one of the most useful platforms to help startups and scaleups build their team (in fact, we’ve used it extensively!). With a diverse mix of opportunities – from co-founder roles to internship positions, this platform breaks down opportunities by expertise, helping you to keep an open mind about which sector you might be interested in. 

Who is WorkinStartups suitable for?

For those looking to transition into, or continue working with, smaller, more agile businesses, where individual contribution and decision making make a real difference, this platform is a great place to explore. Use the ‘freelance’ and ‘part-time’ filters to find the roles that would slot nicely into your portfolio career.

Thinking longer term, anyone who is considering mentoring in the future would benefit from experience working within a start-up in order to gain an understanding of the challenges young businesses face. 

The Pros

  • A high volume of diverse roles, including plenty of fractional roles for portfolio professionals.
  • Signing up only requires an email address and 30 seconds of your time – this then unlocks full access to all opportunities on the platform. 
  • You can create an email alert based upon your area of expertise, which sends you relevant roles as they are posted. 
  • It is quick and easy to apply for roles – either by uploading your CV, creating one using their CV builder, or allowing your profile to refresh each time you log in by taking information from your LinkedIn profile.

The Cons

  • If you like to tailor your CV to each opportunity that arises, you have to update the CV in your profile each time you make an application. 
  • There is a huge variety of roles listed, so it may take a bit of time to find the right role for you. 
  • Your application goes straight to the employer with no backup from WorkinStartups themselves, so depending on the employer the hiring process may vary. 
  • Many startups have very disorganised hiring processes. 

What’s it like for applicants?

The interface is fairly basic so it takes a bit of searching to find what you’re after – the style of the listings puts salary at the forefront (where disclosed) which can make this process a bit quicker. Once you’ve applied you receive updates as your application progresses, but your general application experience will vary based on who’s recruiting. 

The website is functional and makes it easy to locate freelance and part time jobs quickly. 

Trustpilot Score:

Typical Trustpilot reviews:

  • Only one review listed, from the perspective of an employer. In the absence of negative reviews from job seekers, you can assume they have had reasonable experiences until now. It certainly works well for employers, as seen by the high volume of roles listed and repeat customers.

How to apply for roles with WorkinStartups

If you don’t want to create an account straight away, you can still view opportunities. Once you decide you want to apply for a role, you’ll need to take a minute to sign up and upload your CV.

Our Venture Consulting team are constantly chatting with start-up leaders about how best to staff their growing teams, so do keep an eye on our jobs board and make sure your TPC profile is up to date with everything you can offer. 

If you have additional insights on this platform, please email [email protected].

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