Get ready for recruiters

We have launched a talent match service to pair specific work opportunities with the right portfolio professionals, which means having a Portfolio Collective profile makes you eligible for a host of exciting and innovative work and collaboration opportunities. There’s never been a better time to build your profile and tell the world what you offer!

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Connecting you with the right opportunities

When startups and scaleups come to us looking for part-time professionals with precise backgrounds and skills, we match them with members from our community. This works one of two ways – either we handpick and filter a shortlist based on their profiles, or companies search through the platform themselves to find the right person.

Typical opportunities include c-level roles (COO, CTO, CFO etc), strategy/ ops consultants, sales & partnership roles, marketers and creatives, NED board roles, mentors/ coaches and much more.

If you want to take advantage of these opportunities, you need to be a member of our community – but don’t worry, signing up is free and easy!

Current external opportunities

Current open positions at The Portfolio Collective

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Create a stronger profile and get noticed

The more comprehensive your profile is, the more often you will get matched with  relevant opportunities. Plus, it’s a nice little SEO boost (Google search seems to like our community profiles), which means visibility from both within and outside the community.

Maximise your chances for landing work by:

Get involved

Our community is all about collaboration. The more you connect, the more opportunities you discover – it’s not just recruiters that are hiring! You can even get feedback from other members to build a stronger profile. Join conversations, take part in events, and make your services known across the platform. 

Explore our events

Build up your network and discuss the latest industry trends at one of our free workshops, fireside chats, or webinars.

Start a discussion

Our community is a fantastic source of inspiration and advice, so ask questions and start connecting.

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