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How to create a stronger TPC profile

Being part of the The Portfolio Collective community is about more than just expanding your network – it’s about learning, growing and collaborating. More importantly, it’s about building a thriving portfolio career, which is why we work hard to connect our members with exciting opportunities when they arise. But in order for us to do … Continued

Future-proofing for a new world: Nikita’s story

Ever since she left university, Nikita Khandwala knew she wanted to craft an intentional and meaningful career. Now, she helps others do the same, and she’s a shining example of the new generation of Gen-Z portfolio professionals. She’s fascinated by what the future of careers will look like and passionate about empowering individuals to be … Continued

Welcome to the era of cohort-based learning

These days, we’re used to having an endless ravine of knowledge at our fingertips, but fifteen years ago, the concept of an open and easily-accessible online course was revolutionary. Suddenly, you could learn a life skill and level up your professional capabilities from the comfort of your office chair. You didn’t have to pay extortionate … Continued

5 Books Every Portfolio Professional Should Read

There’s nothing better than a good book. A good book can transport and inspire you. It can help you realise things about yourself that you never knew were possible. And it can be just the thing you need to make a change and build the career you’ve always wanted. So in honour of National Book … Continued

Meet the team: Charlie Rogers

Being passionate about what you do and finding work that aligns with your values is so important. At a young age, Charlie Rogers realised there were other ways to approach working – he could have a purpose-driven career, and he could do it on his own terms. That ignited an interest in the future of … Continued

Take note! Advice from four professionals with thriving side hustles

There’s no denying that in the last few years we’ve seen a boom in the number of people embracing a side hustle. A global survey released by Kantar in February 2023 shows that 30% of the current workforce already have at least two different roles. And the side hustle revolution is not just being embraced … Continued

Why are more women choosing portfolio careers?

Growing up, I watched my parents work tirelessly in several different jobs, so that they could give me and my siblings the best start in life. Their incredible work ethic was not only a huge inspiration to me, but it was infectious and has been something that has constantly motivated me throughout my career and … Continued

A portfolio career 20 years in the making: Mike’s Story

Mike Richardson is someone who has really embraced the portfolio career lifestyle throughout his career. Starting off as an engineer in the oil and gas industry and then moving into the corporate world, Mike took the leap into being his own boss and launching his own portfolio career 20 years ago. As a thought leader, … Continued

Crafting a lifestyle not a career: Jake’s story

Jake Boomhauer has always had a portfolio career, without even realising it, with his main gig working in the public sector and side hustles as a NED and mentor. Now as he makes huge strides into the startup world, advising platforms and communities focused on social good and founding his own community interest company, he … Continued

Elegant swans and messy ducks: Maria Evans’ story

For much of her professional life, Maria Evans was determined to project a swan-like air of composure. She didn’t want the cracks to show; she was afraid of what would happen if her messy underbelly was exposed. But what she learned, through years of hiding her flaws beneath the surface, was that perfectionism is toxic. … Continued

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