Finding purpose and perspective: Conrad’s story

Every meaningful career sparks from a passion. For some, it takes years to articulate that passion and discover the right path. For others, it’s crystal clear from the day they step into the working world. We all have our own journeys and means of development – what’s important is building a career that really means … Continued

Meet the team: Raghav Viswakumar

You don’t always know what you want to do with your life when you first start university. In fact, many of us don’t quite figure that out until years down the line. Adulthood is a journey of self-discovery, and if you’re lucky enough to know what you’re passionate about, you’ll have a clearer sense of … Continued

Everything starts with you: Linh’s story

Making the move from a competitive corporate finance career to one where mindfulness is present in every part of your life may seem like a leap, but for Viet Linh Le it was the natural next step. Now as a coach focusing on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, she leads a life that is true to … Continued

Meet the team: Fiona Chorlton-Voong

Female entrepreneurship is on the rise – a fact that we here at The Portfolio Collective celebrate each and every day. Currently, 36% of all small businesses are female-owned; that’s up from just 4.6% in 1972. What’s more is that the majority of newly self-employed and part-time workers are female. As such, portfolio careers are … Continued

Meet the team: Afonso Pereira

Creativity is a powerful driving force. It inspires you to keep learning; to keep innovating. When you tap into that part of your brain, you awaken an insatiable hunger for discovery. We all have our own means of being creative – whether that’s problem solving, painting, or preparing a pitch. For Afonso Pereira, creativity meant … Continued

Meet the team: Jane O’Sullivan

No matter how much energy you spend plotting out your life, things never go exactly to plan. Most of the time, that’s a good thing. Predictability is boring. A life without surprises is one without excitement, and no one can attest to that fact more than our very own Design & Marketing Coordinator, Jane O’Sullivan. … Continued

Fighting for a better world: Grace’s story

Sometimes passion can lead us in exciting and unexpected directions. For Grace Olson-Davidson, a love for musical theatre and performance drove her to build connections with people both on and off the stage. She always knew she wanted a life in the arts, but she never expected to find a parallel path in sales and … Continued

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