Leaving the linear path: Kai-Erik’s story

Kai-Erik Sunell always knew he had a passion for engineering – so much so that he spent almost 30 years working as a researcher, developer and standardisation delegate in telecommunications and radio technologies for international companies. Yet something about that path just wasn’t working. It was too linear. Too focused on the now and not … Continued

How to achieve career success through an inspiring community

In the grand scheme of things, portfolio careers are a pretty new concept to a lot of people. Sure, the term’s been around since the 90s, but many professionals became wise to the portfolio career path during the pandemic. In fact, it’s only in the past year have we seen the phrase become more commonplace. … Continued

Meet the team: Stephanie Dotto

Normally Stephanie Dotto is on the other side of the interview table, having taken up the role as our Content Manager a little over a year ago – but this week, we thought we’d take some time to get to know her story. Stephanie’s experiences through all sides of the marketing mix, different sectors and … Continued

A path of learning and exploration: Toni’s story

For over two decades, Toni Mitchell’s professional life revolved around one company. Though she moved through different roles and departments, she knew she wanted something more – to explore the diversity of organisations and causes out there in the world. Now, she’s entering a new phase as a portfolio professional, feeling her way through the … Continued

Meet the team: Ella Bernie

Community is all about connection. For Ella Bernie, that sense of connection has always played a big part in her life. Throughout her younger years, she was inspired by stories and drawn to work that allowed her to build relationships. As she started to formulate a career path, she realised she loved working with people. … Continued

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