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You asked, we answered: personal branding edition

We could talk all day about how important it is to have a strong personal brand. No really. As portfolio professionals, no matter what stage of career you’re at, having a personal brand that is memorable, relatable and true to who you are is so so important. Think of your personal brand as the foundation … Continued

How to create quality content for your personal brand

What defines ‘quality content’? It can be mercurial, but you need to define it for your business to know whether your content hits the mark. If you fancy some light background reading, here are 35+ definitions of what ‘quality’ means in content. These definitions are full of value bombs from experts from Google, Microsoft, agencies, … Continued

How to build an effective (and memorable) personal brand

The pandemic gave professionals everywhere an opportunity to rethink their career paths. We have seen more and more successful professionals and executives reinventing themselves, spinning up side hustles and launching portfolio careers. These changes require storytelling, and the people that stand out do so because they differentiate themselves; they put their story and passions at the … Continued

More than just a logo: the human side of branding

Brands are a fundamental part of our culture; they reflect our world and connect us with our passions. A good brand will make you feel something. A great brand will change the conversation. So how can we, as portfolio professionals, create branding that does more than just fill space on a website? How can we … Continued

Why we’re crowdfunding

Two years ago the world changed dramatically. The pandemic shook up our norms and made us realise that better ways of working were possible. We could have flexible careers; we could do the work that we loved; and our professional development, salaries and routines didn’t need to be dictated by an employer. ©The Portfolio Collective … Continued

Three easy ways to stand out and land work

We all have different styles of working, and by extension, unique ways of landing clients. Some love the thrill of the chase, hunting down harder-to-land prospects just to prove they can convert a tricky lead. Others rely heavily on their network to make introductions and follow the web of potential customers that extend from there. … Continued

A portfolio professional’s guide to SEO

Diving head-first into the world of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn’t always easy. There’s lots of confusing advice out there, it can seem a bit techy, and Google is constantly changing the rules. But that doesn’t mean it’s an impossible concept to grasp. There are plenty of basic principles you can follow to improve the … Continued

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