A path of learning and exploration: Toni’s story

For over two decades, Toni Mitchell’s professional life revolved around one company. Though she moved through different roles and departments, she knew she wanted something more – to explore the diversity of organisations and causes out there in the world. Now, she’s entering a new phase as a portfolio professional, feeling her way through the … Continued

5 ways tech skills can benefit your portfolio career

Portfolio careers are popular because there is so much flexibility in what you can do. You’re not limited to one job or income stream. If you’re interested in something, you can learn a new skill and turn that into a money making venture. Let’s say you want to dip your toes into the ever-expanding world … Continued

Everything starts with you: Linh’s story

Making the move from a competitive corporate finance career to one where mindfulness is present in every part of your life may seem like a leap, but for Viet Linh Le it was the natural next step. Now as a coach focusing on wellbeing, diversity and inclusion, she leads a life that is true to … Continued

Why Catapult is an investment in your future

To have a successful portfolio career, you really need to look deep into yourself and discover who you are and how you will add value to the world – not just in a way that pays the bills but in a way that provides you with deep personal satisfaction. It’s about understanding your brand story, … Continued

Fighting for a better world: Grace’s story

Sometimes passion can lead us in exciting and unexpected directions. For Grace Olson-Davidson, a love for musical theatre and performance drove her to build connections with people both on and off the stage. She always knew she wanted a life in the arts, but she never expected to find a parallel path in sales and … Continued

Embracing the weird and wonderful: Alex’s story

Ever since Alex Pitt joined our Catapult course back in November 2020, she’s been a huge pillar of The Portfolio Collective community. That’s because the story of how she started a portfolio career and founded her own business reflects a wider journey of self discovery that so many of our members embark on – she … Continued

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